The Kitchen (2019) Review


In the 1970s the wives of some New York gangsters in Hell’s Kitchen take over from their husbands when they are locked up in prison.


This film is based on a comic book series, which was something that I had never heard of in going to watch this film. I think I had only seen the trailer once as well.

Kathy Brennan, Ruby O’Carroll and Elsabeth Moss have all been pretty much surviving and relying on their Irish husbands doing dodgy work within Hells Kitchen. When they are sentenced to three years in prison, when they are then fobbed off by Little Jackie who is controlled by Helen O’Carroll (mother-in-law to Ruby) they decide to do it themselves and offer the local business protection in return for money.

This is something that seems to work out pretty well for them to begin with but it was never going to be easy. The return of Gabriel O’Malley saves Claire’s life and she realises that she can still find a nice man with her husband instead who has constantly beat her over the years.

It tried its best to be shocking at times but always fell short of deciding what type of film it was going to be. The women in charge was that going to be shocking or was it going to be gory deaths? Well the latter didn’t really happen at all to be honest.

Melissa McCarthy leads the film well enough alongside Tiffany Haddish and Elisabeth Moss, each adding something slightly different to the overall feel of the film. We all know by now how hit miss McCarthy can be and I personally thought she was one of the better aspects of this film. Although considering it isn’t anything outstanding that isn’t really saying very much.

I cannot really place what I felt was missing in the film but it just lacked real substance and trying to jump into the whole forced female lead character roles which weren’t overly interesting. A little bit of a shame really but I guess this film hasn’t really been pushed out to a whole lot of cinemas and will quickly disappear from them in the UK.

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