September 22nd 1994 . . .

The date that the pilot episode of Friends aired in the US. While in 1994 I had not long turned 7 years old, it was all going to be ok and I would catch up with Friends and be there for the final episode.

The 90s and 00s were a very different place to what they are now and I am very pleased to have grown on then! I hate that people bad mouth friends now and say it has aged badly. I don’t feel that way at all, I feel watching it all these years has helped me through so many different stages. Including the death of grandparents, heartbreak and not forgetting turning the dreaded 30 (WHY GOD WHY).

Going through the VHS collection phase and getting them off people for Christmas when they were buy one get one free. Then upgrading to DVD and trying to do the same, only for the Blu-Ray box set to then make it to my collection. Constantly watching episodes on TV and then Netflix (although leaving soon).

The best thing is even twenty five years later we have more merchandise than ever. Ranging from well quite frankly everything . . .

8A34B654-8650-4B12-95FA-CEC501C754D6As you can see from my current bed set, you can get so many different things that are linked to Friends. I absolutely love that and still geek out all the time!

Make sure you check out Google and the amazing things they have done to celebrate this occasion just search:
Friends Ross
Friends Rachel
Friends Joey
Friends Chandler
Friends Phoebe
Friends Monica

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