Unbelievable (TV Series) Review


Based on a true story about a teenager who was charged with lying about being raped when the detective on her case didn’t quite believe her. When two female detectives accidentally come across each other’s cases of rape, it seems that many women have been targeted in the same manner. So is it actually the same man committing the horrendous crime?


This is a very tough watch at times, so much so after watching the first two episodes I was unsure if I could actually continue. The subject of rape is truly awful and watching something about it, made me wonder if I could handle it all. As a woman I really do think it is something that you hope never happens to you, even thinking that is not good right?

I will say though if you feel like that after the first or second episode to stick with it as not only is the storyline progressive and engaging but it also shows that if the detectives care they will do something about it. They will go above and beyond to really help. As well as some truly outstanding performances, it creates for an amazing drama.

We follow Marie who is reporting a case of rape to the police and they just don’t quite believe her. The case is very strange as no evidence is left from the man that did this to her, tying up his victim and wearing a mask. Taking photos of himself committing the crime and his victim. This is where it is incredibly frustrating as the men just don’t believe her and create doubt in her mind. Even though she is constantly dealing with a flashback of the incident. They make her go over it so many times that she just wants and needs the ordeal to be finished. She has been in foster care her whole life and they use this against her as well. The treatment of Marie really is frightening.

Within the first episode though we are given another victim of exactly the same type of rape Amber and how it was identical. The timeline shifts over different years as we get Karen Duvall and Grace Rasmussen who realise they both have victims of the same type of rape. The tying up, the photos being taken and the victim having to shower, no DNA left at the scene of the crime.

The relationship build up between Grace and Karen is very good to see as they really do want to crack the case and find the sick man who is behind the crimes. As they delve deeper into the cases and link them together they find out that so many more have taken place in the same manner. Realising that they have a serial rapist roaming around, but moving across different towns and even states as the crimes aren’t linked easily that way.

Getting into the story and wondering just how they are going to manage to work it all out when no actual evidence is left at the scene involves a lot of work and plenty of people putting so much focus on finding this man. This was something I found myself fully engaged in, especially when they started to think that the criminal was a cop or former cop. The way in which the rape was committed is so terrifying, someone breaking into the house/apartment and your woken by someone in your room. That level of fear is something I cannot even begin to imagine.

We end up with two slightly different stories running alongside each other all linking together into the bigger picture. As we keep seeing how Marie is getting on, somehow she was named online and photos saying that she had falsely reported rape, and she was getting taken to court for creating a false statement. This is was so tough to watch as the 18 year old was attempting to continue with her life. Abusive messages from her former friends and even her former foster families aren’t sure what to do with her.

It does not put male detectives in a very good light to be brutally honest, and this is something that has been shown in many different tv series and films. Quite a trend it may seem. Although I will give the very slight redemption towards the end, even though it does not quite make up for anything but it was good to see the remorse shown at his mistake.

In terms of the rape as well, it shows that something is massively wrong with the men who commit this awful crime. In this series it is shown that he did not have a type of woman that he wanted to do it too, age, looks, size etc did not make any difference at all. We never really find out how he picked the victims, but I feel it is important to think about it not actually being just one type. It certainly creates for something to think about.

Kaitlyn Dever was outstanding as Marie, Toni Collette and Merritt Wever were both amazing as the two detectives as well. Working so well together and showing that we do get some truly amazing female characters. It is a female driven series and that is something that makes it even better in my opinion, very impressive from start to finish. Adding in the supporting cast and Dale Dickey was another standout, along with Omar Maskati and Scott Lawerence.

*Unbelievable is a limited series from Netflix which has 8 episodes.

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