Please, Leave James Bond Alone!

This isn’t the first time we have heard of people wanting James Bond to suddenly become a woman. I personally do not understand why and quite shocked that Pierce Brosnan has been the latest to come out and support Jane Bond as it is being branded about. I seriously do not understand why. Why should a male character be changed to female when we could just have a brand new franchise and character made up? Stop trying to make everything go overboard towards women. Something I have been rather annoyed about in recent years to be honest.

I want good interesting female characters not some gender swapped Bond. I mean come on as much as I enjoy a good Bond film the character is very outdated in terms of mannerisms which is probably how Jason Bourne and Ethan Hunt (Bourne and Mission Impossible) have overtaken the action in the films. So why can’t we have a better Bond instead? Don’t just change the gender in an attempt to be politically correct, make the male version better and more relevant to 2019. We don’t hear people wanting Bourne or Hunt to be made female?

We have had some very different female spy characters in recent years in film and I thought I would highlight some of them in this post. Considering they have went across many different genres, including comedy. Which I personally enjoyed ‘Spy’ with Melissa McCarthy is one of the funniest films to come out and it feels like what everyone would do if they were suddenly made a spy! She gave all women hope that they could do it!

One of the biggest ones in recent years has come thanks to Marvel and the Universe they created with the Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff being a key character (we are getting an origin story/spin off). So just think how good that character is and based on a female in the comics and well, we didn’t need any gender swapping fo that to work?

I love strong female characters and wish more were around throughout the 90s and as I was growing up. But I want them to actually be meant for female roles, not just swapping the gender to try and make up for lost time. Ian Fleming wrote James Bond as a man and I seriously don’t see why we should want that to change? Imagine wanting Harry Potter changed to be a female as well, its pretty much the same thing. Or a female Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. Why should we have to change male characters to female, surely that is not actually equality? As we don’t want female characters suddenly changed to male characters. I think it should really be thought about both ways.

James Bond is a man and should stay a man in my personal opinion. Writers should get working on some kick-ass and amazing female characters. We have had loads of the years and I am sure we will get many more. But I don’t just want them changed from a male role. Think about how to create something new and unique for females to enjoy and want to become. The whole essence of Bond is masculine and changing it to be more feminine is therefore a totally different character and would actually be Bond. So can we please keep James Bond, one of the longest running film franchises . . .

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Please, Leave James Bond Alone!

  1. I have to agree. I long for strong and heroic female characters, but ones that are ORIGINAL. It would make it so much sweeter! Why not get some more female writers and directors in those staff rooms to cook up something new?

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  2. Totally agree with you! As I’ve said before, the only gender-swap film I’d wanna see is ‘Ten Angry Women’, but that’s it.

    I’m not super into the “strong” female characters as you are, but I definitely agree that make new female characters for audiences rather than just gender-swap for lost time. I wish others agreed with us!

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