Tootsie (1982) Review


Michael Dorsey’s career as an actor has stalled and he has gained a bad reputation to work with. He then comes up with an amazing plan to dress as a woman and audition for a role on a hospital soap, getting the part!


Dorothy Michaels is therefore created when you actually think about it though not massively different to his actual name Michael Dorsey. Managing to fool people as he needs the work to be able to find the play written by his roommate Jeff and help out friend Sandy, who was actually refused an audition for the role Michael went on to get!

Considering Michael had a bad reputation and didn’t really treat women in the best way, he wasn’t overly nasty or horrible to them but he had a lot to learn. That learning curve came when he was actually a woman himself and could see the way men speak and behave towards them, something which I guess was quite eye opening and surprising. That is something that gives this film an extra edge, it has the character development and that he really does learn something. We don’t often get that in a film where it has comedy and romance all involved.

One of my favourite scenes actually was between Michael and his agent George Fields, as everything was getting very complicated for Dorothy and the fact that Michael was actually falling in love with Julie. Even though she had no idea that Dorothy was actually a man. To make it even worse her father wanted to be with Dorothy. The scene between Michael and George has them talking like all of this is perfectly fine behaviour as they attempted to work out how he can ensure it all doesn’t go horribly wrong.

I wasn’t entirely sure how the reveal was going to go, as lets face it he was on borrowed time as everything got so complicated. It was truly perfect and I absolutely loved it! Such an amazing way to eventually show that he had grown as a man and mainly a person, understanding what it felt like to be a woman and how he could then go on to be a much better person after his experience. The creepy side did not really come across as it was all dealt with in a great manner!

I am so pleased to have caught up and watched this film as it really is a true classic and has two truly outstanding performances from Dustin Hoffman, I love how at the end of the film he was credited twice for both characters. It was very impressive to watch and the fact that the support cast are rather impressive as well including Bill Murray, Jessica Lange, Teri Garr and Sydney Pollack (who also directed the film). Together they really do create such a special and quite frankly a lovely film. Certainly something I could easily find myself watching again as it has so much charm and charisma, plus it seems to have aged very well which is an added bonus!

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