E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Review


When an alien is stranded on Earth, luckily a young boy named Elliott finds him and brings him home to the lovely house in California. Introducing E.T to his older brother Greg and younger sister Gertie. They are being watched though and when he becomes ill the government come in to act . . .


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a film that I have watched so many times over the years. The brilliance of that is therefore watched it at many different ages. I truly believe this is the very best of Steven Spielberg and this type of “kids” film, it captures the innocence and open mindedness of children. They see things differently to adults and this film allows you to remember that carefree feeling. It is also worth noting that Spielberg filmed it mainly at children’s eye level to create that close bond between ET and Elliott!

Elliott is going through a tough time with his parents splitting up and E.T seems to come into his life at just the right time. They become connected with each other, which is how he ends up drunk without actually drinking any alcohol when the alien is left alone in the house. His sister Gertie manages to help him learn how to speak, something that he picks up very quickly indeed! It brings the siblings closer together and that is the same with Greg. The three of them really working together and helping each other.

I always forget how utterly sad it is as well as creating lovely moments at the same time. Elliott is what you would hope you would be like as a child finding an alien, not scared of it but becoming friends with it. When the government see the chance to step in they immediately want to run tests on the alien, not even try and find out what it was already capable of (typical adult mentally, right?).

This creates chaos and some very dramatic moments from both Elliott and Gertie who cannot really begin to understand what is happening, just the pain of the situation. It is a very powerful scene and leads very nicely into the finale which is quite possibly one of the best in cinema. I really do think this film is one another level and I cannot think of many in this genre and style that come close to it at all.

Henry Thomas puts in one of the best child performances of all time as Elliott and it really is a joy (and tough) to watch from start to finish. The number of different emotions he manages to go through is inspiring and the way he cries, makes it very difficult to compose yourself as you want to cry with him. Drew Barrymore was given some great moments as well and another impressive child performance, something that seems to get better and better with each viewing.

I was super impressed with how the film has been updated to Ultra HD and you would think that it had just actually been released now in 2019! Amazing as ever!

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