13 Reasons Why (Season 3) Review


After the tapes and trial, we have a murder now with Bryce Walker at first just disappearing but then the body is found. Everyone had a motive but who could actually do the deed?


I cannot really remember a tv series that has caused as much controversy in recent years as 13 Reasons Why has managed. With season one and two dealing with suicide and rape as the key points of the story, difficult subjects which to be honest people do not want to talk about or think about happening. Especially when it comes to teenagers as well, so it will continue exploring those tough subjects. This time though we don’t get any scenes as shocking as the suicide (which has now been removed) or the rape scenes in the first two seasons.

We are given a chance for more character development and some very strange things happen during this season which totally shocked me. So much so I actually want to mention it very early on. I actually ended up feeling sorry for Bryce Walker at times, like how on earth is that even possible? One of the worst characters we have seen in a tv series and a rapist. Yet, with different moments and scenes throughout season three it pushes the boundaries and you become sympathetic towards him. It appears he wants to change and realises everything he did to the different girls was very wrong. Was this too much of a turnaround for a truly vile character?

My biggest issue of season three was the introduction of new character Ani Achola who is key to the storytelling and a constant voice over throughout the whole series. Which is supposed to be telling her story to the police when Clay is the number one suspect. I just didn’t like the character at all and quite frankly did not understand how she would have quickly gained everyone’s trust. Something like that surely is not believable for teenagers? To suddenly trust the stranger and tell her everything when she was asked? Added in by living in the Walker household as her mother is a nurse caring for Bryce’s grandfather. It just seemed very forced really to try and take some of it away from Clay.

The powerful parts of this season has to be seeing Jessica along with other rape/sexual assault survivors learning how to cope and deal with the trauma. This is something that Tyler manages to get himself involved with, but no one knows that he is a survivor until he is ready to talk. This creates some incredibly emotional scenes and the hug with Clay was very powerful. They also tackle some tough decisions some people might make when in that situation and it really is so difficult to see unfold.

I am not going to spoil the ending and reveal what actually happened with Bryce and his death. But the way each episode builds the suspense towards the different characters certainly is something that you cannot help but think about. When more evidence or reveals are made about stories it really does make you change your mind so many times. Clay is the one put in the prime suspect place by the police and this goes through the majority of the episodes.

We also enter back into the drug addiction world and showing that it wasn’t as easy at it looked for Justin to just stop using. Also added in are the use of steroids in the gym to help working out but how that changes how aggressive people can really be. Sexuality is another key to the plot in this one with Monty not being able to address how he feels. Abortion is also in an episode but not really looked into in great detail, but I don’t think it really needed anymore than that one episode as it was very powerful.

I was more impressed with this season than I was expecting but Ani really did make me lower the rating. A truly irritating and annoying character who was not really a very good addition to the already developing cast of characters. Just too strange for her to come in and be the main person everyone talked to? Other than that I am interested to see how the fourth and final season will go.

2 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why (Season 3) Review

    • I think they have reasons behind it, I actually like that they’ve kept going and will be back for a 4th and final season. It’s hard hitting but a lot of it needs to be highlighted in my opinion.

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