Good Boys (2019) Review


The bean bag boys, Max, Lucas and Thor have been friends for years now and as they enter 7th grade (12/13 years old) everything they know and love is about to change.


I bet everyone is going to be utterly shocked that I am having a truly positive reaction to a new comedy film! That is right I wanted to mention very early in this review that I actually found a comedy film funny! Although the 4 stars I have given this probably shows that already.

Max is invited to a cool kids party and it just so happens it is a kissing party, he manages to extend the invite to include his two best friends Lucas and Thor. The freak out if it being a kissing party leads them to making some very bad decisions. This includes using Max’s Dad’s droid which he was specifically told not to even touch while he was away on a business trip. An attempt to spy on older neighbours to find out about kissing technique backfires as Hannah and Lilly decide to try and blackmail them.

After all of this and skipping school to get a replacement droid it really turns into a very testing day for the three friends. It shows just how much you can push each other and begin to grow apart. In that sense I guess it is actually rather sad to see, because when you think back to the friends you had when you were 12 and how far you grew apart in that time.

So many moments and parts of the film were extremely inappropriate and that therefore means absolutely downright hilarious. Luckily the cinema screening I attended was rather busy. This meant the reactions to different moments. Nothing was really left untouched as they explored porn online, a sex doll and toys which they were oblivious about. Drugs and alcohol also part of the different plot points, along with parents divorcing and plenty of inappropriate swearing!

All of that really did create for an amazingly funny and hilarious film from start to finish. I wasn’t fully sure of which direction the film was going to go in, and I am actually quite pleased about that as the rather shocking moments went down even better because of that. Something that you really have to enjoy in a film!

Performance wise I have really enjoyed watching Jacob Tremblay take on different roles over the years and that is something that I am hoping will continue for many years as he gets older. Keith L. Williams was truly amazing as Lucas and a joy to watch, creating so many funny moments by his mannerisms and timing. Brady Noon completing the three friends and rounding it off very nicely as Troy. They all work very well together which is brilliant for such young actors to be able to do. While this is not the usual type of film that I would enjoy I am happy to say that I did properly laugh and found this very funny and entertaining.

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