The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019) Review


*Operation Brothers (Original title)

Inspired by true life events of rescue missions. We take a look at a group of Mossad agents and Ethiopians in the early 1980s used a cover of a hotel for holidays as a front to shuffle refugees to Israel from Sudan.


A film like this based on true events is always going to be quite a tough watch in all honesty. It is loosely based on the events of Operation Moses and Operation Joshua in which Jewish Ethiopian refugees were evacuated from Sudan to Israel. So in an attempt to tell this story a pretty impressive cast were thrown together led by Chris Evans, which doesn’t really help in all honesty as the script is rather weak.

Ari Levinson is leading the rescue missions and seems to be getting a little rash in his decision making. This actually causes Sammy Navon to leave the operation for a while. A doctor who is very much needed in the field. The build up and seeing people fighting to survive is something that should be tougher to watch. I felt as though the film didn’t go all out and show what would have really happened and it was just a condensed version of events.

When you loosely base a whole plot on real events you then must create some good characters that the viewer will care about and really engage with. That is not something that happened, the characters were just there and I personally did not feel anything towards them. You have to get the viewer emotionally involved when it comes to a story like this. That is something the film lacked and that fully impacted how you feel towards the film as a whole.

The diving resort feels as though it would be the perfect cover as that would allow Ari to have buildings and vehicles and hopefully not draw any unwanted attention towards his operations. Something they did not expect was actual tourists to stay at the resort, which they then attempt to use as it will help it actually looks real and provide a cover for the operations they are doing.

I think one tough this about this was Chris Evans is still very much in that Captain America role in a lot of peoples minds, it will probably take a little bit of time before he can shake that. Something I do respect him for a lot is the willingness to take on all different type of projects and that is something that I am sure he will continue to do over the next few years. Michael K. Williams was one of the most impressive performances in my opinion. But on the whole the film was just a little bit weak which was a shame with the subject matter as it really could have been so powerful from start to finish.

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