Playmobil: The Movie (2019) Review


Brother and sister, Charlie and Marla used to love playing with PLAYMOBIL and had characters of their own. When there parents are tragically involved in a car crash she must then raise him. We flash forward to four years and the relationship is strained but they somehow end up in a PLAYMOBIL world . . .


I can understand fully why PLAYMOBIL have made this film trying to replicate the amazing work Lego have done with the different movies. So I guess it is no surprise that we now have this film.

When it started though and we had actual real life people I realised that this was not how I was expecting it to be. I was expecting just the same as Lego and the characters would just be PLAYMOBIL but that was not to be the case. They tried to go for a different approach, which I feel is the biggest mistake really. As we had brother and sister duo Charlie and Marla.

Marla had just got her first passport and was nervous about telling her parents the plans she had to travel the world before going to college. Taking a gap year as such, but when the tragedy occurs she does not get the chance to do that. She then raises her brother, well that is what we must assume as no one else is in the picture four years later.

Charlie wanted to go into the City (New York) and meet friends, something Marla was not going to allow. He breaks out of the house and she tracks his phone where he is in a toy convention which isn’t open. When she finds him he is full of that he is supposed to be here and his toy fits on the display.

Something weird then happens with the lighthouse and they become PLAYMOBIL characters in the very different world. I will admit that Marla attempting to walk amused me a little bit and that is where any amusement would actually start and end. Everything else about the film was just a little bit strange. Having all of the different types of places within the world.

Marla and Charlie are separated when he is taken as a warrior for the Emperor. She attempts to find him with Del who owns a food truck, that he does not actually sell food from and then throw in James Bond like Rex Dasher and those are pretty much our key characters.

I guess children will enjoy this if they play with the toys and are more into the world. I felt more like an outsider and didn’t really enjoy anything about it to be brutally honest. My cousin’s five year old daughter who I took with me said she really liked it, so I guess that is something to take away from it. She was excited due to having some of the toys (PLAYMOBIL sent me these last week) so I guess that confirms my theory a little bit. I tried to prepare myself for the worst and I suppose I just about managed to do that.

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