PLAYMOBIL: The Movie Sets Review

With the release of PLAYMOBIL: The Movie I was sent some of the sets that feature in the film. Take a look at my previous post Let’s get epic with PLAYMOBIL: The Movie! As this has details about all of the sets that are available.


Being asked to review toys is certainly something different and I felt for a better reception to it would be for a child to join in with the review! Therefore I asked my cousin if his daughter would like to try them out! So we also have Pippa aged 5 who already has some PLAYMOBIL sets and straight away knew how to put them together.


I was very kindly sent three different sets:

  • Rex Dasher with Parachute (5 pieces)
  • Robotitron with Drone (18 pieces)
  • Del’s Food Truck (110 pieces)

I asked Pippa which set she would like to start with and that was obviously the biggest one! So we started with Del’s Food Truck. I was well aware that it was going to have 110 pieces but when you actually open the box and then start to open the packets for these pieces you fully realise just how difficult it can be to put together. Not in a bad way just that it will take a little bit of time to set it all up.

I opted to follow the instructions as it also includes stickers to really make the van and objects look the part. Including cans that you needed to wrap a sticker around for food as well! The level of detail really was something else, with four pieces being put together to make a burger, that is something I found very impressive.

It was a team effort and Pippa enjoyed putting parts together and filling the inside of the food truck with the different draws as well as setting up the shower feature! The stickers really did make a huge difference to it all and I have to admit I wasn’t sure how it was going to look when we started and if it would actually look like the box or not . . .

As you can see it was a huge success and got a thumbs up from Pippa!

Robotitron with Drone which actually has a feature which fires out projectiles. This was a lot more powerful than I expected which also meant plenty of fun firing it out. We even set it up to try and hit a target with them, inside of targeting people (that may or may not have been my idea 😂).

The final set was Rex Dasher with Parachute and this was the smallest one as Rex just had to be attached to the parachute. Although the instructions of how to tie the knot seemed rather impossible but luckily I managed to get him securely in the parachute. Considering it rained most of the day we were lucky that it had stopped so we could go outside and try out and see if he would fly very well, it was pretty windy which was always going to be an advantage.

As you can see in the video the key was to try and throw it as high as possible, I had one attempt which unfortunately wasn’t videoed as Rex flew over the fence and was then stuck in the tree. So that confirms that it could fly very well in the wind when it was caught right, Pippa on the other hand was rather upset by this but I ran round and retrieved him from the tree (see photo in the video).

I feel the best praise for the PLAYMOBIL items was that Pippa throughly enjoyed playing with them and putting the pieces together, with a little bit of help for the smaller stickers and pieces. I am sure these will be a huge hit with children of all ages and I enjoyed putting them together myself and throwing the Parachute one!

After experiences some of the sets from the movie I will now be taking Pippa to see it next weekend at the cinema, so a film review will also follow!

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