Let’s get epic with PLAYMOBIL: The Movie!

Ready to discover a world where anything can happen? The PLAYMOBIL universe is coming to the big screen in PLAYMOBIL: THE MOVIE – don’t miss it in UK cinemas from August 9. Bring the action of the movie home with the new PLAYMOBIL: The Movie playsets and recreate iconic scenes with favourite characters or imagine new adventures!
Secret agent Rex Dasher is always on the move at high speed in his sleek white Porsche Mission E. This can only be an advantage when looking for Marla’s little brother Charlie. The eco-friendly Rex Dasher’s Porsche Mission E (RRP £69.99) playset features LED headlights, can seat up to two PLAYMOBIL figures and comes with an RC module for remote control action.
Del, a crazed food truck driver, helps Marla find her way in the exciting PLAYMOBIL worlds. Del’s Food Truck (RRP £44.99) features a removable roof and windshield for easy access to the detailed interior. The truck is furnished with a sink, fridge, burritos, sleeping serum, enchanted hay and many other accessories.

On Marla’s incredible journey she meets the dastardly Emperor Maximus and his people in the Colosseum. Emperor Maximus in the Colosseum (RRP £34.99) includes Marla in knight’s armour, Charlie, Emperor Maximus and the Black Knight PLAYMOBIL figures.

Marla meets a fairy godmother who is as funny as she is good, but can the helpful fairy with her magical unicorn tell Marla where Charlie is? Marla in the Fairytale Castle (RRP £34.99) comes complete with Marla in her beautiful ball gown and the Fairy Godmother in the Fairytale Castle, as well as many magical accessories including a unicorn and cute forest animals.
Save Charlie from the clutches of a bunch of dangerous pirates. Charlie with Prison Wagon (RRP £24.99) features a prison wagon with a lockable door and ballista with shooting function. The set comes complete with two horses and four PLAYMOBIL figures; Charlie and three pirates.
The search for Charlie takes Marla to the Western World, where she meets a pink-winged Flying Horse. The Marla and Del with Flying Horse (RRP £19.99) play set comes complete with a chicken, magical hay, a fence and two PLAYMOBIL figures: Marla figure in her western outfit and Del.
Marla teams up with many strange and heroic companions. One of them is the loyal robot, Robotitron. If the friends are in danger, Robotitron is immediately jumping into action with his practical drone. Robotitron with Drone (RRP £14.99) features working projectiles, spinning propellers and a winch with a hook underneath the drone to which Robotitron can be attached.

Marla ventures out on her horse to look for Charlie. Marla with Horse (RRP £9.99) features a bag for Marla to store her tools for the journey ahead, and her horse carries equipment including cutlery, gold, and other accessories.
Finding Charlie is just the thing for a clever secret agent like Rex. Glide into action with the Rex Dasher with Parachute (RRP £9.99). Rex can hold onto the grips on the parachute, which smoothly glides downwards when thrown up into the air.
PLAYMOBIL: The Movie playsets are recommended for ages five-plus and are available from July 2019 from all good toy stores. To view the full range please visit www.playmobil.co.uk/onlineshop/products/the-movie

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