Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Review


When a virus threatens to destroy everyone in the world Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw must attempt to work together to prevent this from happening. Can they find Hattie in time?


MI6 agent Hattie is with her team and attempting to stop an attack happening in London with a deadly virus and the only way she can figure out taking the virus is to inject it into herself. Which is what she does and as Brixton attempts to then kill her she manages to escape. After this happens Brixton can control information given to the press and leaks that she turned rogue and killed her team. This is when Hobbs and Shaw are brought in to help. It just so turns out that Hattie is Shaw’s sister!

I guess that made for a more interesting plot twist and is supposed to help the character development as well? I guess it works really as does the constant name calling and banter between Hobbs and Shaw. I’d certainly say that it is a highly entertaining film with plenty of laughs and over the top moments. Isn’t that what we want from this genre of action films? The explosions were pretty epic as well, considering it is a Fast & Furious Presents film, which could be something we see more of it didn’t heavily rely on having car chases and kept those to when needed. Although a lovely over the top moment towards the end, which you cannot help smile when watching.

Brixton is our bad guy in this one and is genetically enhanced by cyber technology which really does takes things to a different level in terms fo it being anywhere near believable. Ok, that is a silly comment as not much of what happened is believable but I hope you can understand even a little bit what I mean by that.

I thought Vanessa Kirby was brilliant as Hattie giving us a very impressive kick ass female character which did not feel forced at all compared to other films in the past few years. She fit in very well and could more than handle herself, I think having her as Shaw’s sister helped with that. With Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham we no what we are going to get from these now and that is something I really love as a guilty pleasure type actor. They are firmly on that list for me in terms of entertainment value, something that is constant in this film. Something I didn’t like though was Idris Elba’s performance, sorry for having to say this but I thought he was awful from start to finish. Maybe he just wasn’t given the best type of role? I don’t know but it left me wondering if he is actually a good actor or just typecast in his Luther role so moving away from that just doesn’t work?

Mindless fun is certainly the best way to describe the film as a whole but with a running time of 137 minutes it pushes the boundaries on how long we can watch a film like this, which was slightly too long in my opinion. If you can’t handle action films with a bit of comedy then you would have to avoid this one, I feel as though I must add that I am not a fan of the Fast & Furious franchise.

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