Otherhood (2019) Review


Three friends who are forgotten about by their adult sons on Mother’s Day decide to head to New York City to reconnect with them. By doing this they are about to enter into a new world for everyone involved.


This is the typical type of comedy film that we have come to expect, with older characters suddenly deciding to go and have fun again or even for the first time. This one is sparked by them being disappointed on Mother’s Day and seeing this as the ideal opportunity to visit their sons. They are all childhood friends and now live in New York City, driving across they think it will be easy to get to see them. But that does not seem to be the case as Gillian and Helen both end up in hotels with only Carol managing to stay with her son.

The trip makes them aware of how much they no longer know about their sons and the lives they have been living. This leads to many revelations most of which are very shocking and deeming the person to be a totally different character to the one they previously knew. This works both ways with the mothers towards sons and the sons towards mothers.

Daniel, Paul and Matt are all facing problems and issues. Ones they have tried to keep away from their mothers Gillian, Helen and Carol. This was always going to cause problems and create different situations. The only real issue with the film is that it just isn’t funny, something that is essential for a comedy right?

It has plenty of different issues which could have worked if the film was in a different style, but in an attempt to get past some awkward moments and add in cheap laughs it just does not work very well at all. I guess that was something I was expecting with the film so not really a huge complaint, fully prepared for it to be a lacklustre experience and an attempted comedy.

I guess it was a little bit of a shame really with Felicity Huffman, Patricia Arquette and Angela Bassett in the leading mother roles. I would have hoped that they would have been given more to work with and better gags. But we get the usual going clubbing and getting drunk moment, something that always happens in this type of film right? Then the standard role reversal of the children then not being impressed with their parents behaviour.

So it ticks all of the boxes you expect from this type of film but that is not something that is meant as a compliment. We need something to be a little bit different and have it go to another level. It throws in too many cliches and attempts to involve religion and sexuality in order to reach another level. Which quite frankly it falls very short of, I guess it is my own fault for constantly giving this type of comedy film a chance and watching it?

2 thoughts on “Otherhood (2019) Review

  1. Well, there’s no harm with wishful thinking. But I do think films seem to be getting increasingly safe and predictable, destined for the mainstream and afraid of upsetting anyone.But at the very least, a comedy should be funny.

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