Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Review


Harry Lockhart ends up getting himself in the middle of a murder investigation when he was posing as an actor and is in Los Angeles for an audition, being reunited with his dream girl from high school and working with a detective who was giving him tips for the role.


The style of the film with the Harry telling the story of recent events, which involves a little bit of going over things a couple of times as well which is something that is pretty unique when it comes to films. It sets the tone immediately as Harry the thief ends up suddenly becoming an actor when a job goes very wrong! He actually impresses in the audition, which leads to another series of events.

Gay Perry is the one who is supposed to be teaching him how to become act like a detective, but when Harmony appears back in his life his old schoolboy crush he lies to her that he is in fact a detective in order to work out what happened to her sister. With plenty more action going on throughout it certainly doesn’t allow you to guess what is going to happen next. As it really could be just anything, certainly the sign of a very good plot and storytelling methods.

I really enjoyed that about the film that the plot had plenty of twists and it was refreshing in the method of filming, but also the sharp dialogue between the characters. The script was a very impressive and key part to this fantastically fun film.

Robert Downey Jr has plenty of charm as Harry and is given the perfect support from Val Kilmer, the pair have an amazing chemistry together and bounce off each other in the best possible way. This is seen as the film that helped Downey Jr get the part of Tony Stark/Iron Man and we certainly know how well that ended up. Michelle Monaghan was equally impressive and given a rather strong female role, linking well with both Downey Jr and Kilmer.

Val Kilmer taking on the role of Gay Perry is seen as the first openly gay character in an action film, that is something you don’t often think about. So I feel that is a very interesting fact and worthy of being mentioned in this review, as watching it now a gay character is not something you are shocked at seeing. But to realise that this is probably the first in this genre, it therefore must be seen as groundbreaking right?

13 thoughts on “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005) Review

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! You are right: this is the film that led to Downey Jr. getting the “Iron Man” role, and I love that Val was willing to play such a character…a shop script, some laugh out loud moments made this a fun ride!

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    • Yeah I felt the Tarantino vibes as well, I totally forgot to mention it in my review. I thought Michelle Monaghan was more of a recent actress in terms of roles, but she has done loads of different projects over the years.


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