The Intruder (2019) Review


Annie and Scott Russell are looking for a place in the country with acres of land to buy and start a family. When they manage to get a deal from Charlie Peck, they think the happiness will be instant. But the problem is Charlie is not willing to leave his house so easily.


Now this film has not been given a huge release in the UK, so I don’t imagine many people will venture to the cinema to see it. I am now firmly wishing that I was one of them! Everything about this film falls short and even the creepy nature of some scenes is lost due to the terrible script and performances.

Annie and Scott to begin with seem like a very happily married couple but as the move to the new house and creating it as their home, they are constantly bothered by Charlie. He was supposed to be moving to Florida with his daughter but somehow that date kept changing, if it was even real at all?

The fact that Annie is constantly nice to Charlie and inviting him inside is something that begins to annoy Scott, as he really does not trust him. Hearing noises in the house and in the trees outside of the house. That is all accompanied by the awful score/soundtrack that at the beginning of the film I actually thought it was music from another screen that I could hear as it did not fit with the scene at all and was rather loud compared to the dialogue. It might seem like a minor compliant but it didn’t get any better as it went on.

A film like this really does need to have good music in an attempt to scare you while watching with the very creepy moments and seeing Charlie standing in places in the house where he shouldn’t be in the dark.

The final chapter as it would be ended up even more ridiculous and terrible than I could have imagined. The attempted twist that wasn’t really unexpected followed by the inability to actually use a mobile phone to call the police? Adding into it that Dennis Quaid actually made a roar noise. Yes. Seriously.

It made me wonder just why Dennis Quaid who is a pretty decent actor went on to take this role, as I really thought he was just well strange. You might think well yes, the character of Charlie obviously had big issues but he ended up a parody and laughable towards the end. Never try and spoof The Shining! The thing is though I felt Meagan Good and Michael Ealy were ok at times, and the film really could have been a lot different. Too many scenes did end up with the funny moments though so that is certainly not what they were trying to do. Well I don’t think they were anyway!

Please avoid this film, I have watched it so you certainly do not need to put yourself through this one and for that you are very welcome!

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