LFCC – Val Kilmer

Ice Man and Batman all rolled into one as Val Kilmer was part of Top Gun and Batman Forever. He has had health battles with throat cancer and rarely makes public appearances. So for him to still attend this London Film & Comic Con event really was a very special occasion.

Other film credits include The Saint, Heat, The Ghost and the Darkness, Red Planet, At First Sight and so many more!


12 thoughts on “LFCC – Val Kilmer

  1. I understand he has been very ill during the last few years, but have to ask- has he shrunk or something? Or was he never particularly tall? I had to look at the photograph a while until I could quite believe you hadn’t been taken in by some dwarfish doppelganger. Goodness, it’s amazing what Hollywood trickery can do. At any rate, it’s great to see him hopefully on the mend (he does appear self-concious regards his throat, but it’s perfectly understandable). He was indeed quite brilliant in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and I have a soft spot for the phenomenally awful Red Planet.

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    • Oh he was on a stool/chair! Some of them were, as some of the photo times were 1 hour or maybe more. I’ve just ordered Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, as everyone is mentioning it and I haven’t seen it before!


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