Submission (2017) Review


When a writer turned college professor encounters a talented student he gets in way too deep as he is reading her first novel. Confused by her stories and when she is actually telling the truth about her life.


This is one of those films you probably haven’t heard of then after you watch it you fully understand just why you hadn’t heard of it, because its just not very good at all. Which is a shame really as I am a rather big fan of Stanley Tucci, although it does seem that his leading role projects always fall a little bit short and he never really seems as good as in his supporting roles.

Ted Swenson had a best selling novel, but struggling with producing another of the same quality. He took a teaching job to help the next generation of writers, thinking that it was short term. He had now been doing it a decade, and couldn’t really see any way back out. When Angela a student seems to be rather impressed with him, she begins to ask for help with a novel she is writing and would love his feedback. All of this did not fit well considering the relationship with his wife Sherrie seemed to be ok, not so much with his daughter who did not really speak to him.

Along with that Ted finds out about some poetry she wrote and was in the College library, his does lust after her which cannot be denied. But she offers him plenty as well, so it was certainly a mutual relationship. If we can even call it that, a very awkward sex scene initiated by Angela was about to be the biggest mistake Ted could make. Angela had asked Ted to show his agent her novel, something his agent wasn’t wanted to read, telling Ted this which did not go down well with Angela.

This is when everything was then changed around to Ted being accused by Angela. Who was using him in an attempt to get her novel read and then published. It really was a pretty horrible and horrific storyline, the age of consent is fine, yes Ted is in a position of trust and over that student/teacher line but it certainly was not harassment. If anything surely it could have actually been the other way round? That was how I felt about the situation anyway. Especially considering she does this and makes him lose everything and her stupid novel actually gets published?

I found it hard to understand why a film would produce a very negative view of sexual harassment claim, a claim that was a lie! How is that supposed to encourage women who are sexually assaulted to come forward. It shows just how easy it is to accuse someone and one persons word against another’s. Very simple and easy to wreck a mans life just because you didn’t get your own way.

As you can probably tell I really did end up very annoyed about the film and almost gave up with it to be brutally honest as nothing about it was positive. Unlikeable characters and a very strange subject matter because of the way it was warped and consumed.

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