Wonder Boys (2000) Review


An English Professor’s life is pretty much falling apart around him. His wife has left him, he has been writing a book for seven years and his editor has shown up and to top it all off he must deal with and help his students with many issues of their own.


Wonder Boys is a film with so much charm and charisma that you easily find yourself lost in madness of it all. Grady Tripp is having a little bit of a crazy time, as he struggles with writers block for his latest book. His third wife has just left him but he is in love with another woman anyway who he just happened to get pregnant. His student James Leer, creates his own world and Grady must attempt to clarify what is actually real and what he has just made up. While also being jealous that he has already written his first novel with is said to be very impressive. Hannah Green is another student who rents a room in his big house, she keeps making a move on him but he is not interested at all.

Terry Crabtree is Grady’s editor and his arrival is to attend an event at the University, in hope that he will be able to find the next big author to publish. Terry is relying on Grady to have his book ready as well, both men are struggling with their careers and this could balance it out.

Marilyn Monroe plays quite a pivotal role in the film, well her jacket does anyway. The one she wore when marrying Joe DiMaggio is a key element in one of the sub plots. Along with James doing a truly awful dead to Sara’s dog! Adding to the crazy moments of a car that just might be stolen, drugs and alcohol adding to the mess of some situations. You cannot help but feel for Grady as he does seem to be trying to make things right and that is where the story really grips you, as you feel different connections with the different characters and that is something that is impressive.

The performances are fantastic especially from Michael Douglas in the leading role, it really is one of his best performances without a doubt. Along with Douglas though it has a truly outstanding cast! Frances McDormand as Chancellor Sara, who is already married as well, but that does not stop the intense affair with Grady. Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr. and Katie Holmes all impressive with the supporting roles. As well as a smaller role for Rip Torn which is rather scene stealing in all honesty.

The soundtrack was rather impressive as well, I felt as though the song placement was perfect in certain scenes. Plus not forgetting that Bob Dylan wrote and performed ‘Things Have Changed’ for the film and won an Oscar for his efforts!

I really would recommend this film as it takes on many different issues but shows them in a good and impressive way. Michael Douglas really leading the film in the best possible way!

4 thoughts on “Wonder Boys (2000) Review

  1. Great review of a terrific film. A popular film when released, it was a big hit, but a smart, adult film about people who were interesting and very, very flawed. I have it on Dvd and will pop it in on a whim to enjoy the acting across all performers!

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