Secret Obsession (2019) Review


Jennifer wakes from a trauma not being able to remember anything from her life, her husband Russell is somehow already at the hospital. But everything is not as it seems as she is forced to try and remember at least one thing from her life.


Secret Obsession is not the best film going but it does manage to have a very creepy and unnerving edge which is the reason I have given it two stars as opposed to one star. Something about a thriller when someone is getting tied up but then trying to escape but not get caught really does make you feel on edge.

Jennifer Williams cannot remember anything and when Russell keeps telling her that he is he husband she has no reason not to believe that. Well to begin with at least, because different events start to come across rather strange. Especially when she gets a closer look at their wedding photo and another photo where things don’t quite match up.

Luckily for Jennifer, Detective Frank Page was not convinced about the accident and everything around her case. He had a strange feeling about Russell and was not about to let it go. The only issue to begin with though was the fact that he gave a fake address and the number did not work that he left at the hospital either. He kept trying to find out whereabouts he had taken her when everything is very suspicious.

The worst thing for Jennifer was actually when she started to work it out. Then managed to find different clues and evidence, which was hidden away. These are the moments that make you gasp and hold your breath a little bit wondering if he would catch her out. Especially considering her foot injury, something that is standard when someone has been taken right?

While we pretty much know that he isn’t her real husband quite early on, it took a while to reveal who he was and why he had decided to do this. Although jealously not really the best idea to go on a crazy killing spree and pretty much abducting her. But that was the main thing in the film and the fact it is called Secret Obsession and the small trailer on Netflix even tells you things which would have been plot spoilers otherwise. Which in all honesty was a little bit strange as not knowing that before watching might have made the film a little bit better to see things unfold.

The acting was nothing special and pretty average but as I mentioned earlier the suspense was built up in a decent way which is why I rated the film in the way that I did. The only performance I actually enjoyed was Dennis Haysbert as Det Frank Page, I thought he was dominating in his screen time and easily the best character in the whole film. The ending was pretty weak really as surely they would not be ok straight away? That’s what it made it look like.

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