After (2019) Review


Tessa Young starts college and is instructed by her mother to focus on only her studies and on arrival is not happy with her roommate straight away. Tessa reassures her that she is focused and will only think about studying, but when she meets Hardin things begin to change.


Believe it or not After is based on a novel by Anna Todd and having now suffered through the film I cannot think of anything worse than reading it. A softer version of Fifty Shades/Twilight and both of them are awful so quite frankly this is even worse. Especially considering when you read any plot for this one it mentions Hardin having a dark secret?

Having watched the film I am still wondering what his secret actually was? Other than being a pretend bad boy who actually had a love for Literature. A rocky relationship with his father which was stemmed from bad childhood memories, yes. Although one memory that is mentioned and not something that really warrants a dark secret.

Tessa started college still being in a relationship with Noah who was still in High School, and from that moment we knew that wouldn’t really last very long. The way she dealt with this was in a pretty horrible way really, so we don’t actually feel any sympathy towards her. Especially the way she deeply loved Hardin for not really much reason. Again showing that link to Fifty Shades. I guess one of the worst things to say about this film is that it actually makes some of Fifty Shades more presentable.

When you think we are now in 2019 and trying to show that women, teens and even young girls should be wanting more than a man who is not going to treat you very nice. I think it sends out some wrong messages in what you should look for when it comes to love. Surely the main parts of this are just lust? That instant attraction, which I don’t have any issue with. I only have an issue with claiming everything is love. It is not. Especially when it stops you from doing what you actually want to do, changing your life goals for one person who you don’t even know that well.

I guess I don’t really want to comment on the performances, as due to the awful script and storyline it was never going to be the best at all. Some of the actually scenes were hilarious (and not meant to be) with the intense stares and awkward first time sex scene which everyone could have done without having to watch. I guess now I am actually wondering why and how I got to the end of this film.

I guess I would like to offer this review as a public service announcement. That being DO NOT watch this film under any circumstances. I feel that I have suffered so you don’t have to, feel free to thank me!

After We Collided is already in development . . . So more to come from this horrible story.

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