Trailer: Cats (2019)

The musical Cats was one of the longest running of all time in the West End and has countless tours over the years, as well as being on Broadway. I’ve seen the show three times over the years and do enjoy it, with the impressive dancing and memorable songs.

A film version was always going to be a little strange in a different way really as making people look and act like Cats isn’t exactly normal. I know the initial reactions to this trailer haven’t been good but I am actually rather impressed with the way they have done it. Plus we get Jennifer Hudson singing Memory and that is going to be amazing!


5 thoughts on “Trailer: Cats (2019)

    • I’m amused by all the hate towards it considering everyone will be going to see The Lion King today with its CGI to mouths not moving in time with the words 🤷🏼‍♀️


  1. I’m not a fan so far. I feel shrinking the characters down to the size of cats just makes the film more odd than the musical already is. And I know he had to put in lines of spoken dialogue to connect the story in film version similar to how he did for Les Mis, but it still feels odd. And why does Macavity have to appear? Isn’t he mostly just talked about and not an actual character?

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  2. I may be the only person who hasn’t seen the stage musical, but it all comes down to how comfortable I can get to seeing these people dressed like this…and the short bit of Rebel Wilson made it look like she was wearing a “catsuit”, so there’s that…looks beautifully made however.

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