KISS: End of the Road World Tour (Newcastle Review)


Date: Sunday 14th July 2019

Venue: Newcastle Arena


KISS were formed way back in 1973, only two of the original members remain to this day those being Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Over the years like any rock band they have had several line up changes. Joining them now Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. They are one of the best selling bands of all time having sold more than 100 million records worldwide. They are very well known for their make up and costumes. This are all unique and have a comic book style to them. The Starchild (Stanley), the Demon (Simmons), the Spaceman (Thayer) and the Catman (Singer).

Now this was one hell of a rock show, I haven’t quite seen anything like it before and I very much doubt I will again. The fire, the fireworks, the moving platforms, flying across from the stage to another platform, the sheer volume and the outstanding music and singing! Not forgetting the impressive light show with lasers and quite frankly anything and everything else you could possibly imagine. Visually it was out of this world as I could not believe at times what I was witnessing on and well around the stage as well. It was one of those amazing nights that you really did not want to end. The show was over two hours and I am sure they could have easily done another two hours and everyone would have been still buzzing.

The effects throughout the show to go along with some truly amazing rock songs is without a doubt on another level. The term legendary gets used probably too much now but more than worthy of that are KISS. Paul Stanley is so charismatic, quickly and oh so easily he had everyone in the crowd doing exactly what he wanted. Making noise, singing along, clapping, hands in the air. Everything he asked for her got, so when he demanded that everyone shouted his name so he would come out there it got louder each time.

The use of the fire, which I was so close to the front could feel the heat from and the sheer volume of the fireworks, all of which were so cleverly placed within the songs at truly epic moments. Making it a real treat of a show, as the four rockers did what they do best and give rock and roll to the crowd. Each getting their own moment for a solo part, which was used as a nice filler for the rest of them to quickly pop off stage and then come back in. Gene Simmons never missing an opportunity to stick that well known tongue out, every time he wasn’t singing he was going for it!

A very incredible experience which in all honesty I am honoured to have been part of, even better when you are made to feel young as Paul Stanley stated they would do a song from 1983 . . . And half of you weren’t even born yet! I seriously don’t think their is anything better than seeing a rock band live, I always feel I was born in the wrong generation for my love for glam rock, classic rock and everything else rock. Often lucky that these legends still tour and I manage to catch up. That is certainly something epic and amazing from KISS, I can fully understand why they have such a huge following and fan base the KISS Army which is mentioned so many times during the show. Quite frankly nothing will compare to this epic and outstanding night of rock!

Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
Say Yeah
I Love It Loud
Heaven’s on Fire
War Machine
Lick It Up
Calling Dr. Love
100,000 Years
Cold Gin
God of Thunder
Psycho Circus
Let Me Go, Rock ‘N’ Roll
Love Gun
I Was Made for Lovin’ You
Black Diamond
Crazy Crazy Nights
Rock and Roll All Nite

This is a farewell tour from the band which is why it is called End of the Road, started in January 2019, and dates currently up until December 2019 it is not due to finish until 2021. So it seems as though it is going to be a long goodbye but that is not something anyone will be complaining about.


One thought on “KISS: End of the Road World Tour (Newcastle Review)

  1. Terrific review – like many of their contemporaries, KISS understands how lucrative a “farewell tour” can be, and gives fans one last chance to show their love!


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