The Matrix (1999) Review


Neo a computer hacker is about to enter a totally different world or maybe that should be reality to what he has been living in, entering into a war with fellow rebels against the controllers.


It has been 20 years since The Matrix was released at the cinema and it has been re-released in 4K glory at the cinema once again to celebrate. I haven’t watched the film for years and do own it on DVD, when I first properly got into films it was one that I caught up with after hearing a lot about it. So I have never actually reviewed it before and having watched it again, I seriously have no idea how to be constructive and descriptive about this film.

I mean that in the best possible way of course because it is still so groundbreaking and off the wall. It could easily have been released in 2019 and still held up in the same manner, the upgrade of picture quality to 4K is something that I find breathtaking.

Neo or Thomas A. Anderson is a hacker and lives a double live as he goes to work (although often late) and spends his evenings trying to figure out what his reality is, the truth is like nothing he could have possibly imagined and when he gets closer to learning the truth even then it is all thrown into chaos. Especially when he is arrested by not only the police but some agents, one in particular Agent Smith.

Trinity and Morpheus believe Neo is the one and do everything possible to get him on side. Even though events which happen totally blow his mind, something I found funny when watching again is how much the follow the white rabbit was still in my head and that is a very early and not hugely important scene. I guess I felt that was something a lot more.

The graphics used in the film are pretty outstanding in all honesty and it certainly manages to shock at times as well. It also makes you question computers and our reality, the possibility of everything being a little bit more. When Neo actually finds out about the Matrix and what is all is, he cannot shift some of his “life” memories even though he now knows they are not at all real.

When you put into perspective how far computers, machines and the internet have come in the past 20 years it really is something else watching this film again, computer programmes being used for everything. A personal favourite moment is when they go to fly a helicopter and a disc is quickly installed into Trinity and bang she can fly it! Wouldn’t it be amazing if learning a new skill was that easy!

The fight scenes are another highlight and the slow motion shots and movements are something that are very memorable. Is he really fast enough to be able to dodge bullets? Performances from Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carie-Ann Moss and Hugo Weaving are particular highlights as well, something that really does help the film have such fantastic balance.

8 thoughts on “The Matrix (1999) Review

  1. I watched this movie twice in cinema back in 1999 and both times, I came out convinced that we all were living in a matrix and this movie was a sign for us to wake up and do something about it. After all, if something goes terribly wrong, it is not a mistake or an error but rather a glitch in the matrix. The 2nd and 3rd movie was so-so but watchable, at least to complete the trilogy.

    I just hope they don’t screw up with Matrix 4…

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