Cinderella (1950) Review


When Cinderella’s mother dies her father marries another woman the wicked Lady Tremaine, her life gets even worse when he dies too. Leaving her to become a maid within her own home to her wicked stepmother and stepsisters.


When the ball is announced that is to be help for the Prince Cinderella is determined to attend, as every young woman in the kingdom has been invited. Her Stepmother makes it extremely difficult for her to complete the chores and get a dress sorted. Helped out by her only friends which are mice they make her a dress, but this is destroyed along with her hopes and dreams of attending the ball.

Enter a Fairy Godmother who can make all your dreams come true, but it does have rules! This is where the must return by midnight and the magic wears off. Which is certainly all very well known with the fairytale world.

I have to admit that it has been many years since I last watched this film. It used to be one of my favourites when I was a child and I actually thought it was a more recent one with the likes of Aladdin and The Little Mermaid, but I could not be further wrong about that. Watching it now it doesn’t have any of the same magic as it used to many years ago for me, I cannot really work out why in all honesty but I just did not really enjoy the film as much as I used to. Is that an issue with going back to films that you thought you loved?

Gus and Jaq as the mice offer that little bit of relief and animal love we expect from Disney and link different things together. Cinderella must work hard every single day and contend with her stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella who are very spoilt by their mother most of the time at her expense.

The main impressive thing about this does have to be the vibrant colours used throughout the film and I imagine that this was seen as truly amazing back in 1950. I also wish that I could have recaptured the magic for myself but I guess I had very high expectations and somethings just change from childhood to adulthood. Which I guess is the biggest shame ever, especially when you come to watch a film again. It totally backfires at times which I feel happened with this one, don’t get me wrong I would certainly give it another go!

9 thoughts on “Cinderella (1950) Review

  1. I’ve had that feeling when rewatching Peter Pan; I loved it as a kid, but now it just didn’t do anything for me.

    Thankfully, I still love and adore this film! And I defend it from all hate it gets from Keira Knightley and other feminists of her caliber!

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