Cineworld Secret Screening 12 – Possible Films


You wait seven months for another Secret Screening from Cineworld and in less than a week they announce two! So we no have number 12 on the way only twenty days after number 11! I have therefore decided to put together a second blog post and have left some films for this one as well with the dates fitting but also extending it!

Date: Monday 29th July 2019

As usual I will try and put together some guesses on films that it could be, my track record isn’t great but I do love looking forward and seeing which films are due to be released around this time. The 10th Secret Screening turned out to be Oscar Best Picture winner Green Book!

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (1st August)
Would only be a small preview but two of my favourite guilty pleasure actors together throughout a whole film? Ok then!

The Sun Is Also a Star (9th August)
A bit of a soppy tale which hasn’t had the best reviews so far so could well need some coverage for people to watch it and hope they enjoy it to spread the word?

Once Upon a Time . . . In Hollywood (14th August)
Massive long shot for this one, especially considering Tarantino didn’t show his last film at Cineworld. But I guess we can dream of this film as a lovely preview right?

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (16th August)C199A55F-94AB-4D74-A3B7-2D6134D194C4I guess this would be a little bit of a strange choice, but stranger things have happened when it comes to Secret Screenings!

Good Boys (16th August)
A comedy film that doesn’t sound amazing but I have enjoyed watching Jacob Tremblay’s progress so far.

Angel Has Fallen (21st August)
I actually didn’t realise we were being subjected to a third film with Gerard Butler in his kick ass role until putting this list together.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (23rd August)
We haven’t had a horror yet as a screening so always going to be a first right?

Crawl (23rd August)
The alligators are coming! This film does sound like a fantastic guilty pleasure style and it has been getting very good reviews in the US. Would be a lovely advanced preview.

My Spy (30th August)
This could well be a very different type of film for the screening . . .

It Chapter Two (13th September)
Probably way to far in advance and the fact that this film already has quite a lot of buzz around it, that it won’t really need a preview screening to get people talking. Now this later date has been added it could we see Pennywell a little early?

Downton Abbey (13th September)
This would be a big preview and in all honesty I would be a little bit stuck if its this film as I have never seen the TV series!

What do you want it will be?

What do you think it will be?



5 thoughts on “Cineworld Secret Screening 12 – Possible Films

  1. No! Not Dora!!!!! I’m just glad my 4 year old has not shown any interest in seeing that one!

    IT would be awesome, but it’s gonna be very popular so I doubt they would show it over a month early?! Oh and it’s Pennywise BTW 😀

    Any of the others would be ok! Looking forward to a surprise tonight!

    Liked by 1 person

    • No that makes no difference, they have to put it as a 15 incase it is a high rating. We had Incredibles 2 as a Secret Screening last year, running time is never right now as it made it easier to guess when they first started them.


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