Yesterday (2019) Review


Jack Malik is a struggling musician who quit being a teacher to chase his music dream, working part time jobs. When a strange event happens all around the world with a power cut for 12 seconds, he is hit by a bus. When he wakes up he is the only person who can remember The Beatles songs!


Lets face it The Beatles are one of the greatest bands of all time and have many of the greatest songs of all time as part of their collection. They were groundbreaking and I love seeing the music being used in many different ways in film. This is an interesting idea really and helps to clarify that most of the songs really do stand the test of time.

I have therefore been really looking forward to seeing this film and seeing what more to look forward to from the trailer. The sad thing is though that the film doesn’t really have a lot more going for it from the trailer, that is pretty much the whole film. An awkward love story between Jack and his longtime friend/manager Ellie Appleton didn’t have enough substance for me to totally adore it either. I was very much unsure how I wanted this love story to end, as can people not just be friends and that be ok?

Such a shame that it falls a little bit flat at times really considering Danny Boyle directed and Richard Curtis was one of the writers. I was probably expecting a little bit too much but I felt we needed more of The Beatles songs and less Ed Sheeran. I can understand the link with Sheeran being a very good singer and songwriter and trying to fit that into the story, but his role was too big for my liking as he is not the best actor at all.

The film did give me two moments that I really did like though, the two what seem creepy people. That was actually a lovely breakthrough moment and then another that actually involved something that history would have changed, all be it a little bit strange at the same time. So many amazing songs that weren’t really given enough time to be heard, but hopefully this film will help open The Beatles up to another generation. I am pleased I managed to get into them around ten years ago or maybe even more. I guess it lightly touched on how crazy the current music industry is and some was very tongue in cheek when mentioning the money and how much mangers and agents actually take rather than the person doing all of the hard work.

Himesh Patel was impressive in the leading role coming a long way since his Eastenders days. Although I did have to double check on his character from that TV series, in this film he certainly manages to capture the emotions well and a different way to sing the songs. Lily James was not used to her full potential in the film for me, surely we could have had her singing a little bit as well? I felt that would have worked out much better in the long run.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday (2019) Review

  1. It’s such a shame this one isn’t living up to expectations so far. I think I’m going to see it tonight! I wouldn’t say I’m a Beatles fan – but I love the concept of the movie!


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