Cineworld Secret Screening 11 – Possible Films


It will have been seven months since the 10th secret screening when we are given the 11th! Something that I hadn’t even thought about in all honesty, so always nice to have another screening like this, I enjoy going into the cinema and not knowing which film I am about to watch. I do always hope that everyone attending the screenings across the country will be willing to stay and watch which ever film we are given.

Date: Tuesday 9th July 2019

As usual I will try and put together some guesses on films that it could be, my track record isn’t great but I do love looking forward and seeing which films are due to be released around this time. The 10th Secret Screening turned out to be Oscar Best Picture winner Green Book!

Annabelle Comes Home (10th July)
We haven’t had a horror as the Secret Screening, yet! I haven’t seen any of the Annabelle films so personally will be hoping it isn’t this one, but with the day before release date we shouldn’t be disappointed.

The Dead Don’t Die (12th July)
Again the release date is close, but anything with Bill Murray in is worth watching right?

The Lion King (19th July)
I have made the decision to boycott this film at the cinema so therefore hope that it is not the secret screening film. I just feel calling something a live action remake, when it is just a CGI update of the animated classic!

The Intruder (26th July)
Dennis Quaid in a creepy role doesn’t sound like the worst? I mean come on look at his face in that shot above from the trailer . . .

Blinded by the Light (9th August)
Blinded by the Light - Still 1
This is the film that I really hope we get to see as this preview, I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and cannot wait to see this film that looks very uplifting which is to feature the music from the boss.

Once Upon a Time . . . In Hollywood (14th August)
Massive long shot for this one, especially considering Tarantino didn’t show his last film at Cineworld. But I guess we can dream of this film as a lovely preview right?

Good Boys (16th August)
A comedy film that doesn’t sound amazing but I have enjoyed watching Jacob Tremblay’s progress so far.

Angel Has Fallen (21st August)
I actually didn’t realise we were being subjected to a third film with Gerard Butler in his kick ass role until putting this list together.

It Chapter Two (13th September)
Probably way to far in advance and the fact that this film already has quite a lot of buzz around it, that it won’t really need a preview screening to get people talking.

So these are my guesses but I’ve probably missed some smaller films that have a chance of being the film used for the Screening. I am hoping for Blinded by the Light as it would be great to see that as a nice early preview.

What do you want it will be?

What do you think it will be?



6 thoughts on “Cineworld Secret Screening 11 – Possible Films

  1. By the look of it, it has a 15 certificate so, I guess, the lion King is a definite no no, unless there are some gory scenes where the lion eats the zebra…

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