Toy Story 4 (2019) Review


Now living with a new child in Bonnie we get to see our favourite toys and a new one in Forky and the road trip which occurs to open up the world for toys, maybe they have more options than just being in a room.


The fourth outing for Woody, Buzz and the rest of the toys. After leaving Andy in Toy Story 3 in a scene which ripped out everyone’s heart. Woody is struggling in his new room at Bonnie’s, he cannot cope at not being the favourite toy and has been left in the closet for the past few playtimes.

Bonnie starts Kindergarten and on the first day she makes her own new special toy. Named Forky, who was made from a spork and other trash. Somehow he comes to life and Woody sees his new role and duty to protect Forky for Bonnie. Mainly because he sees himself as trash and doesn’t want to be a toy.

When the family go on vacation this makes the challenge even tougher and Woody stumbles upon an old friend in Bo Peep after seeing her lamp in a rather creepy Second Hand Antique shop. This gets Woody and Forky in serious trouble when Gabby will not them leave. Another creepy evil character, which actually has a nice turn and a decent backstory.

I have to say that the final scene really did hit me in the feels and I could feel myself tearing up a little bit. I wasn’t expecting that at all this time either, especially getting to almost the end but it was a bittersweet ending with it being both happy and sad for different reasons. When you have seen the film I am sure you will understand what I mean and relate to this. 

We have invested a lot of time in Toy Story from the first being released in 1995 and Disney/Pixar have done a fantastic job with the franchise since then. We probably didn’t need this sequel, but then again we probably didn’t need Toy Story 3 either but I don’t particularly care about that as let’s face it we all wanted this! Toy Story is on another level to other animated films and that makes it very special.

I know Tom Hanks is the voice for Woody we all know that, but I just feel that voice he does is Woody. You forget that you are actually watching an animated film now because we have seen these characters so many times over the years. This may just all sound totally bonkers but I really don’t care and I fully understand what I mean myself. I think we could have done with more Tim Allen as Buzz though. Let’s also talk about Keanu Reeves, just wow is there anything he can’t do? It was great to see this for the character after seeing the video of him doing the voice recordings for the film.

We keep thinking that it is the end for Toy Story but then they come up with more ideas, what are people’s thoughts on a 5th? A couple of ideas are in my head about how things can be done next. But we would always hope for a nice ending for this franchise right?

5 thoughts on “Toy Story 4 (2019) Review

  1. I loved Toy Story 4; and like I said in my review I agree completely about the ending. I didn’t think they could top Toy Story 3’s climax. nor did I think it was a sequel film we needed, but boy, am I glad we got it. Great review!

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