Bon Jovi (Liverpool) 2019 Review


Date: Wednesday 19th June 2019

Venue: Anfield Stadium, Liverpool


I had waited six whole years for this show and it was a very long wait. The reason for six years? Well, that was the last time Bon Jovi included the UK on a tour! I have no idea why that was but at least after that long wait I could eventually attend. Travelling down to Liverpool with my Gold Circle ticket, but being part of the fan club gave me earlier entrance! This meant being the closest to the front I have managed to be (so far).

Bon Jovi are my all time favourite band EVER in 2000 Crush came along and that was it I was completely hooked. Roll over 19 years and my love for the band is as strong as ever. So I was really looking forward to getting to see them live again, I do have to start with a negative which is why the review is 4 stars and not 5 stars. The sound to start off with was not good at all, and everything seemed all over the place but luckily it improved as the concert went on. Which was more than two and a half hours of hit after hit after hit, even though this tour is still for ‘This House Is Not For Sale’ which was released in 2016 they only did one song and the title track to open the show. Everything else was a look back at a truly incredible career which started in 1983 (four years before I was even born I must add) and that is something unique about a Bon Jovi concert different venues on the same tour will get a slightly different set list. Not massively different but it does vary with the odd song.

I obviously have my personal favourites which I would always love to hear, but I am also aware that some could be a long shot. Now though over seeing them three times I have heard a couple of songs once and that is something I feel is very special. The atmosphere instead the stadium was amazing and electric at times, especially at the start when Jon told the people sitting in the seats “Your at a Bon Jovi concert stand up, are you with me” and it was amazing to see the people all stand when being told!

Lost Highway is one of my favourite albums and I was very pleased that they did a couple of songs from that album as it really is a special one for me. Then you get a mixture of hits from different years and decades as well as spanning the albums, which I think is a great thing about a band like this. Closing by singing Happy Birthday to Sir Paul McCartney who’s birthday it had been the day before, and then Twist and Shout as the final song. During his trip in Liverpool, Jon visited the childhood home of Paul McCartney. I thought that was then a very nice touch.

Some people may judge and think Bon Jovi are just a band from years ago but to me they are special and I will continue to see them as they continue to tour. I just hope they don’t leave it another six years before coming back to the UK. I guess I was more disappointed that my budget could not stretch to seeing them at more than one venue!


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