The Princess Diaries (2001) Review


Mia Thermopolis is struggling through High School ready to turn 16 when she finds out some incredible news, she is the heir to the throne of Genovia.


Mia was an average teenager attempting to get through the day without throwing up in front of everyone, public speaking was not something she was fond of at all. She has her best friend Lilly and her older brother Michael as her only real friends. But that will change when the news is leaked out that she is in fact a Princess and attending school was about to get a whole lot worse.

When her grandmother Queen Clarisse Renaldi turns up to tell her the news she cannot quite believe it to begin with and it certainly takes some getting used to. Mia is rather clumsy and as she must start attending events that was never really going to work out well with the royal and exclusive circle she was to be thrown into. As well as normal high school she also had to attend special lessons on being a Princess.

All of this really does create for a very entertaining film from start to finish and that means I still enjoy watching this film to this day. I actually forgot how good it is in all honesty, even though since its release I have probably watched it many times. That is something that is great about going back. When you think of how many girls and women always say they would want to be a Princess, I think this film shows that it really is not as easy as you may first think. Something that probably makes it relatable at times and then happy that it hasn’t actually happened to you.

The press playing a big part in making her life more difficult which is something we notice a lot in the UK with the Royal Family and the obsession they have with the different members of the family and any little thing will be made into a big story and that is something that is highlighted within this film. It really does have so much going for it and I personally feel it is not appreciated enough now.

The things that make this film really enjoyable to watch? Has to be Anne Hathaway really owning it in her first film after previously being in a tv series called Get Real. It was certainly a very impressive breakout performance and I guess looking back now it really did set the standards on how far she would go and how well her career would shape up. An actress I throughly enjoy watching in all different roles. Then you add in legend Julie Andrews, one of the only actresses you can fully believe as a Queen with her perfect voice and mannerisms working so well with Hathaway really are the biggest factors within the film and story. With Garry Marshall directing we get the usual impressive supporting role from Hector Elizando, who again is so likeable in this film.


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