Men in Black: International (2019) Review


Molly becomes Agent M after spending the past twenty years trying to find the Men in Black and longs to become one of them. They protect the Earth from all the different creatures in the universe, attempting to let everyone live in peace.


So many good things could have been done in this film. Unfortunately it is another film that has been totally butchered and spoilt, with what is a very impressive cast is so utterly disappointing and weak. Even when it started I was wishing I had just watched the original Men in Black film as lets face it compared to this it is a masterpiece. I loved the original and probably went to see it at the cinema on release.

We get a forced female character in Molly becoming M because she managed to find them and do the research. Surely MiB would not let that happen and she would not have been able to break down the security walls? But I guess because she is a woman it has to me done in 2019 right? Well, it could have been done in a truly amazing way not forced in this film. Making her look better by having Agent H as a well idiot and not being great at his job. Something that just really does not work, such a waste.

I like Tessa Thompson and at times thought she could have been a powerful character, but having Chris Hemsworth opposite her in a silly role dimmed it all down way too much. It feels like he is being made a scapegoat considering his Ghostbusters role as well. Surely they could have actually had him as a good agent without the comedy that is not actually funny. Then we have Emma Thompson, who was not used nearly enough along with Liam Neeson and they are not given hardly anything to do? If someone would like to try and explain why that was I would love to know your thoughts as I cannot seem to work it out myself.

Add in a small alien Pawny who is annoying throughout and you have the film, as they attempt to put in a plot twist that was so obvious from the first few moments anyway! Maybe it is now at the point where I should start actually paying more attention when hearing a film is bad. This falls into that category, lets just start getting original films released at the cinema for a second time instead of churning out this type of film. I would therefore like to tell you to avoid this film completely as it does not offer anything exciting at all.


5 thoughts on “Men in Black: International (2019) Review

  1. I knew this film was bad when I saw the trailer So I decided not to waste my time. I hate rebooting a film what don’t they reboot a bad film to make it a good one.

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