Always Be My Maybe (2019) Review


Childhood friends Sasha Tran and Marcus Kim come full circle in adult life and realise that they are actually perfect for one another.


This comes on the back of Crazy Rich Asians last year which was a big hit and a very good film. I am happy to say that I enjoyed Always Be My Maybe just as much or even more to be brutally honest, I really enjoyed this film and felt it is exactly what we need more of in the romantic comedy genre. It manages to be funny and cute, have some romance but not over the top, discuss sex like its not a huge deal and quite frankly be everything you could wish for from a rom-com in 2019.

It might just be littered with cliches but it doesn’t use them in the way you may first think. Again something refreshing about this one, it dares to break stereotypes and quite frankly telling viewers you are actually wrong about this. Not forgetting to take current trends and make you laugh at them even more.

Sasha has become a celebrity chef and therefore quite famous, she ends up back home to open a new restaurant and is immediately reunited with Marcus. She seems to have forgotten where she came from and did not have the best attitude to where she grew up and often claimed that her parents were never around for her, which actually doesn’t seem to be true. She was engaged to be married to Brandon Choi, something that falls through just before her trip.

We are shown the intense relationship between Sasha and Marcus which seems them go from 12 to 14 to 16 and then 18 year olds. They were best friends and did so many things together, also having to deal with the death of Marcus’ mother. They end up losing their virginity to one another and that pretty much broke the relationship when Sasha went to college.

It all felt very natural in terms of how they came back into each other’s lives and you really do want them to work it out. Even if Sasha has a thing with Keanu Reeves. Yes, Keanu Reeves plays a version of himself and each and every single frame he is in is utterly fantastic and hilarious. The up market restaurant scene with the freaky food and being able to listen to the animal making noises as you are eating it. Like that was really on another level of being look how ridiculous some food has now become.

Wonderful is certainly the best word to describe this film as it really is like a breath of fresh air and has so much heart that you don’t really want it to end. I cannot really think of much higher praise than that to be totally honest. Randall Park and Ali Wong are perfect together, bouncing off each other in the best way and the friendship then romance is truly believable as well. Can we even think about having a sequel?

*Please make sure you watch the credit as well for a hilarious song!

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