Shaun of the Dead (2004) Review


Shaun has a very uneventful life, stuck in a dead end job and just enjoying going to the pub which causes his girlfriend Liz to break up with him. This is all disrupted by a zombie apocalypse!


Shaun is almost turning 30 and doesn’t really have a plan for his life and spends his time not working mainly with his best friend Ed, they live in a small flat outside London. His girlfriend Liz desperately wants more from him and that he grows up to wanting more than to hang out in the pub all the time.

When everywhere is suddenly overrun with zombies Shaun must decide on a plan and try to protect his mother and Liz. Showing that when he puts his mind to something he really can achieve things and not just watch everything pan out, his plan though obviously involves the pub just to remind everyone that this is totally a British comedy/horror film.

Obviously within his big plan is to get to the Winchester as it will be a safe place. Before doing this he must rescue his mother and then Liz. The only thing with his mother is that Shaun does not get along with his stepfather Phillip, something that we later find out has been going on since he was 12. Although we do get a rather emotional moment between the pair later into the film.

This really does have a good balance between the comedy element and the horror, it makes the zombies less scary because of the humour used towards them. You can actually imagine some English people behaving in exactly the same way as Shaun and Ed do throughout the film. Never really panicking and attempting to find ways to kill the zombies, throwing the LP records at them is seriously hilarious. I guess we can relate to the silly ideas because in a situation of panic we probably would do stupid things and come up with crazy ideas.

Especially as they didn’t actually make the zombies scary, they actually looked very funny. Adding to the comedy value as you never actually find it scary as everything is given that edge, which really does make for a very enjoyable film. I feel as though we need more films like that which crossover to a different genre with comedy as it really does work out the best possible way.

Simon Pegg really is perfect as Shaun and he does this style of comedy in such a relatable and amusing way throughout. Working well with Nick Frost. Obviously I personally love Bill Nighy so getting to see him in this type of film is always nice! This is the first of the Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy from Pegg and Edgar Wright all taking comedy to a different level with the horror element added in.

3 thoughts on “Shaun of the Dead (2004) Review

  1. Great post! I also love Shaun Of The Dead, as you said it’s a great genre crossover, and the comedy works really well! It’s true that the zombies are not that scary, but I find the horror moments well done too, Edgar Wright is truly a talented director!

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