The Bromley Boys (2018) Review


Dave Roberts becomes obsessed with football and after England won the World Cup in 1966, by the time he is 15 and its 1970 he wants to support a team. His father does not want him involved with football, and won’t let him travel far so he ends up supporting the worst team in the country in Bromley FC.


This film is based on a novel by Dave Roberts and chronicles his highs and lows of supporting Bromley FC. Our focus is on the first season he attends and how it pretty much changes his life. He eventually makes friends with some of the other supporters and they can understand his passion and at times frustration. They get involved with the Chairman of the club who pretty much has no money to invest in the club and if they get relegated this season they will cease to exist anymore.

It manages to explain how fandom towards football really does take a hold of you and take you to different places that you never really thought about. Being part of something with only so many other people and that passion for wanting the team to do well. Bromley hardly win any games but Dave still wants to go and totally loves it. At times that is what you have to deal with being a football fan. Knowing what that feels like myself, I think this film really hit a nerve with me and I throughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

I really liked why his father was so opposed to football when it was revealed he used to play and even represented England before a horrific injury. It shows the tough side of playing the game as well when you could well be on your way to a good career in the sport. I think I would have liked a little bit more of this factored into the film as I feel it could have been even better with that.

Brenock O’Connor was impressive in the leading role and captured the passion of being a big football fan. I felt he carried the film in the best possible manner and made it very enjoyable to watch. Jamie Foreman was also a very strong character as Chairman Charlie McQueen adding a good balance. Rather famous British actors Alan Davies and Martine McCutcheon are in as his parents but don’t get a lot of screen time but familiar faces for any British audiences thats for sure.

Always good to find a hidden gem like this, its quite hard to find football in films where it gives the sport the attention and devotion that it so richly deserves. This really is one of them though and considering I had heard nothing about it prior to watching it, that made it even better! I love football and this film is always about loving football and loving a football team. Even if they are not the best or having a tough time that is still your team, you cannot just change it.

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