Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) Review


When something happens to Harry Goodman his son Tim must head to Ryme City to collect his things, but everything is a lot deeper than he first thought. He meets Pikachu who he can actually talk to and understand, they team up to piece together the case Harry had been working on.


My knowledge of Pokemon stems from the Gameboy game, which was absolutely addictive by the way! I have never watched anything else about it before this film and I never collected the cards. I guess sometimes things make a comeback and this is one of them.

Pikachu was always the favourite right? Well, I certainly loved having him follow you around all the time on the yellow game! Anyway they decided that having Ryan Reynolds voice him was a good idea, it was actually a great idea and made him even cuter if that was even possible. It is also a little bit of a throwback to seeing the different Pokemon and remember the abilities they had, with some fantastic animation as well they all really do look fantastic which is certainly a nice bonus. 

Tim Goodman heads to Ryme City where his father Harry Goodman had been working as a detective for many years. When he was younger and his mother died he refused to live with his father and was therefore raised by his grandmother. He has lost his love for Pokemon and his once dream of becoming a trainer. On his arrival he is greeted by a reporter Lucy Stevens who had been tracking a possible story involving his father. 

Howard Clifford had pretty much built the city where humans and Pokemon could live together and not fear each other. Although as the plot moves on that becomes very blurry and some of his reasons do not really make a massive amount of sense. At times it feels as though certain scenes had been cut out and that the plot had more than the final film that we get to watch. Then throw in his son Roger and everything may not be as it first seems, with modifications being made on Pokemon which certainly gave it the whole Jurassic World feel in what they tried to do with the dinosaurs. 

However even with that I found myself really enjoying the film from start to finish, I wasn’t really fully sure what to expect and therefore really pleased that I decided to give this film a shot. I think at times we must be very open minded in what we decide to watch as you might just get a little surprise. I felt Justice Smith did very well in the lead role and was engaging enough from start to finish for you to be on his side and want to see him succeed and get answers for the different events which occurred. Kathryn Newton also offered very good support alongside Smith and they had very good chemistry together. Could this be the start of a new Pokemon film franchise?

3 thoughts on “Pokémon Detective Pikachu (2019) Review

  1. I’ve never had any dealings with Pokemon at all, so I’ve been unsure about this film. Hearing the small fuzzy yellow thing sound like Deadpool, though… tempting! 😉

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