Sting and Shaggy (Newcastle) 2019


Date: Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Venue: O2 Academy, Newcastle


Not exactly a combo that anyone would really expect, but do you know what it just somehow works. The gig was everything I expected in terms of Shaggy dancing around as Sting was singing and playing guitar. They mixed and mashed up some songs that we know and love from both of them. They realised an album together and did a few from that as well. So I guess it’s a slight promo as well as an appreciation of the greatest hits, with a little bit of a twist as they both joined in with each other’s songs. 

I also guess I was a bigger Shaggy fan than I could remember from the 90s and 00s back in my school days, as I could remember the words to ‘Angel’ and ‘It Wasn’t Me’ like they were released yesterday and not over twenty years ago! Then when you think of Sting and The Police you certainly know more of his songs than you realise, with them being used in films and tv shows. His voice is as good as ever!

The show was over two hours and it was certainly a very impressive one with the lights changing colours for the different songs. That is right we have the red light for Roxanne which was mashed together with Bombastic, not really something you would put together but when your listening to it you can more than understand that the mixture of Sting and Shaggy really shouldn’t work but it for some reason just does!

I managed to take a few videos, the quality is rather poor. The downside of not being very tall and not being that close to the front. Hopefully they manage to show that the it was a very fun gig. Especially going in not being fully sure what to expect, no support act just Sting and Shaggy for the full time. They came on around 8:10pm which was only ten minutes later than originally being told.

The O2 Academy is a rather small venue which I actually really enjoy compared to an arena show, it feels a lot more intimate!

Want to know more about the gig? Well here is the Set List

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