Rocketman (2019) Review


Rocketman is a look into the breakthrough and creation of Elton John from Reggie Dwight. We are taken on an emotional journey about how he became one of the most famous musicians in the world.


The film leaves nothing unturned taking on the drug addiction, his sexuality battle and the relationship with both of his parents. Everything being told in flashback form as he is eventually getting help. I felt as though this was a truly perfect way to format the film and from the start we know it is going to be rather hard hitting but mixed with the truly amazing songs that have made his career.

We are given three different stages of his life from being a young boy, a teenager and then from early twenties when the fame side really kicks off. The relationship between Elton and Bernie Taupin is certainly my favourite, the song writing duo that really have worked so well together for all of these years. Despite little moments where it could have all fallen apart.

Early relationships show that his Nanna Ivy was the most enthusiastic towards him and in support of his ear and love for music. Really ensuring she helps him as much as possible. His mother and father had a strained relationship which was blamed on young Reggie, his mothers infidelity eventually driving his father away. His mother was never too nice to him from then on and it pushed him more to become Elton.

I felt as though parts of the film really explained well just how and why so many performers both with music and acting opt for a stage name. They become someone else, formerly shy Reggie becoming the flamboyant Elton John manages to highlight this. When on stage you can forget about your life struggles and be whoever you want to be. So I found that to be an interesting message especially when you add in the drinking and drugs, how do you then still cope being yourself when not performing? The answer to that seems to be not very well.

Addiction is covered in a good way in the film, if it is the right way to put it anyway. Shown with the changes in scenes and the blackout moments to then waking up and having no idea where exactly you are, frightening at the same time but so effective to help show the struggles of our lead character. The sexuality issue is put upon us and his first real relationship with John Reid who went on to become his manager, which was not a truly pleasant experience which was rather tough to watch in all honesty.

With everything all mashed up with songs both on stage and as amazing musical numbers I felt as though this is exactly how a music biopic should be made. Managing the tones of the serious moments with the incredible songs and showing just how some of them came about as well. I really enjoyed how they mixed everything together and did’t just focus on one aspect. Everything was seen as important and at times that made it all heartbreaking.

Taron Egerton is sensational as Elton John. No other way to put it as he really is that good, doing all of his own singing in the film and at times it was actually scary how much he looked like the legend. Not constantly but certain moments mainly in the different costumes it was uncanny! Reading around the film I love that Taron was given the chance to be his own version by Elton himself, he didn’t want him to try and become him just a version of him. I think that must be why the film works so well. I also want to give a lot of credit to Jamie Bell as I found he was fantastic support as Bernie Taupin and the relationship with Egerton really was believable as a team and friends. I actually think he is very underrated and under appreciated for his acting!


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