Backtrace (2018) Review


When Macdonald was the only surviving member of a violent armed car robbery someone wants to know where the money was hidden. He has amnesia and is broken out of the high security facility to tale part in an experiential drug test in an attempt to make him remember what happened.


He is not in a normal prison though he is placed in the psychiatric ward, not knowing too much about his past which I guess at times seems like a good thing. He has no idea who is lying to him and who is actually telling the truth. With a lot of money on the line I guess that blurs the lines even more. He had been in prison for seven years and still nothing was coming back into his memory.

The police and FBI agents visited regularly in an attempt to get information from him, something that just wasn’t happening at all. I guess it makes you wonder if anyone involved in a crime actually tries this method in claiming that they do not remember anything? I mean I would even say this film could give people ideas but I doubt many will watch it. This seems like the perfect time to say that it is a complete waste of time watching it anyway so you might as well do something more productive with your time.

I actually thought that Stallone was going to be the main character in all honesty and given he is one of my biggest guilty pleasures that is the reason I decided to watch the film, in fact he is not even in it that much at all. So I feel I fell for false advertisement with him on the poster. Although I don’t think anything really could have saved this sub-standard and poor script. Nothing about it is very interesting to be brutal and the performances are poor too. I guess this what happens when you decide to watch the newest premiere on Sky Cinema?


2 thoughts on “Backtrace (2018) Review

  1. There are companies who toss a lot of money at certain stars to show up in a variety of films: some where they are indeed the star, but others where they are used simply to help sell the film…and usually , all of the money is spent on that and NOT on a good script for Director!

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