The Equalizer 2 (2018) Review


Robert McCall is back to bring his own style of justice to the different situations he feels are wrong to those close to him and around him. The limits are to be tested though when someone he loves is then involved in something a lot bigger.


Robert McCall is a retired CIA Black Ops operative and now he seems to live a peaceful life as a driver but he is actually a vigilante as well. No one is safe when they upset someone he cares about or notices being treated in an awful way. Especially when that involves his close friend Susan Plummer being murdered after ending up too deep in something she did not realise. This is related to McCall.

Miles Whittaker lives near Robert and he is starting to show signs of going off the tracks, getting involved in selling drugs and skipping school. Robert decides to try and get the teenager into tasks to help prevent this happening. I actually found that to be the best sub-plot within the main plot in all honesty, as Miles plays a big role in all of it. It was also nice to see how much Robert not only cared but made a difference.

The story with Sarah was all linked back to what Robert had done in the past during his CIA days and the men he worked with who are not happy with how things played out. Which I guess was a decent enough plot to see the whole film through in all honesty and something that I really enjoyed watching unfold. I felt this sequel had more of a constant story than the first, which felt more like the different moments that Robert was indeed equalising throughout.

Again we are given some smaller issues that he quickly sorts out and let’s people know that they must actually behave nicely towards each other. If they don’t treat each other with a little bit of respect something will be done about it. Which leads me to thinking that these films have become so popular because everyone would like to believe in a type of karma and that if you do something wrong at some point it will catch you up. In the case of this film it is a man settling the score and making everything even again!

Denzel Washington is easily one of the best actors of his generation and the way he carries off a film like this certainly does confirm that. He is outstanding from start to finish and you cannot help but really like him, even when he is committing murder in different ways. He can lead a film so effortlessly and I feel that is why these films work so well.  Plus this is the first ever sequel that Denzel has done so he must have really enjoyed the character to do the first ever sequel in his career.


2 thoughts on “The Equalizer 2 (2018) Review

  1. Doesn’t really compare to the first film, but it was enjoyable enough thanks to the onscreen talent involved. I’d certainly like to see a third film turn things around and improve on that first one. Denzel in second sequel shocker? Who knows?

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