Teen Spirit (2018) Review


Violet is a shy teenager who dreams of being a singer and this has never really happened to anyone from the Isle of Wight before as she is chasing the dream to get to London via talent show Teen Spirit. Going from the local competition to more National it will test her resilience and push her to the limits.


A look into the crazy world of music tv talent shows and it is something that you cannot deny has been a big fixture for almost twenty years now. It seems crazy even working that out and thinking that they have been around that long. In the UK we have had many different ones over the years Popstars seemed to be the first that I can remember anyway. Then we had Pop Idol which I guess in a way became The X Factor and that is still going now, although I haven’t watched that one for a good decade now.

Teen Spirit which is the talent show used within the show only targets talented teenagers and slightly shows the stress they can be placed under. Although it does it in quite an unusual way and has Violet wanting it to help make money so she can have more of a life and that her mother might actually relax a little bit. 

Meeting Vlad turned out to be the best thing to happen to her, you cannot help but wonder if he is just being creepy to begin with. The only thing that I wanted to know more about the former Opera singer and what exactly made him lose it all and no longer have contact with his daughter. This is just mentioned and shown on a google search for a few seconds, I just felt like we were missing quite a bit of the plot with him.

Violet and her mother Maria who is Polish works very hard to attempt to stay in the house they lived with her father, who left one day and just didn’t come back. Something that they both found very tough. The singing is not only a release but something Violet believes she can make a lot of money from.

As she gets further in the competition we are shown a slight behind the scenes look, it isn’t all done for the tv cameras and that is something that is explored at the start of the journey. Then the backstabbing that will go on before the actual show, are contracts offered even before the finale? That is certainly something that must go on, obviously changing this to teens certainly makes a big difference in terms of how they view their life.

The emotional range from Elle Fanning is very good and this role gives her a chance to sing a little bit as well, she really does pick some very interesting projects and this one is no different. British based, yet with the Polish element makes it feel rather powerful and also relatable in terms of the Cinderella type story.

This was the UK premiere of the film which is due to be released on the 26th July.

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