The Brave One (2007) Review


When Eric Bain and her fiancé David Kirmani are brutally attacked, he doesn’t survive and she cannot cope with the trauma of it all. She begins a quest of vengeance against the men that did it and anyone else who behaves in a bad manner around New York City.


The subject matter taken in the film is a very interesting one to be totally honest. The aftermath of an attack that kills one person and the other with the angry, upset and even guilt of surviving. It was brutal as they had been planning their wedding and just out walking the dog when the attack took place. It was all recorded as well!

Erica Bain worked as a radio personality and begins a double life when she trains up to become a lethal weapon. With guns or knifes and totally transformed her life in an attempt to get pay back for the murder. She then leaves a very bloody trail across New York and becomes rather close to Detective Mercer who is looking into the mysterious murders across the city. Especially when one of them just happens to be a man the police were after!

I guess it is quite tough to take the ending really and when they eventually work out who has been doing this. Everyone assumes it is man and I guess no one would expect this small quiet woman, what threat could she possibly cause? So a secondary message from the film would be to never underestimate anyone, ever!

This then leads to the biggest issue with the film, its basically saying that if someone you love gets murdered and you attacked that it is quite alright to then go and kill loads of people. Also that it would be rather easy to train and do it, I am guessing that it wouldn’t be? Anyway that was the plot of the film so we had to just go with it when watching.

Detective Mercer is going through a tough time as well so meeting Erica is a big help in his lonely current life, it was like they were drawn together both feeling in similar ways. Some of the murders are pretty brutal and I feel that needs to be a warning really, the film carries an 18 rating in the UK and I can understand why with how graphic some of the scenes are.

If anyone was going to take on this type of role and make it work it was certainly going to be Jodie Foster. She does not disappoint though and you really are rooting for her character from start to finish and it makes it enjoyable enough. Terrence Howard was also impressive and worked very well with Foster, so we have some good performances but just let down by the ending in my opinion.

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