The Fugitive (1993) Review


When his wife is murdered Dr. Richard Kimble is accused and charged with the crime. As he is sentenced to death his bus crashed and he survived managing to escape and is on the run, while attempting to get the evidence to prove his innocence.  Deputy Samuel Gerard is the man attempting to find Kimble.


How often do we think and say that we just don’t get films like this anymore? Well, when it comes to The Fugitive I really do believe that is the case. We don’t get thrillers and a chase like this in film, I mean the change in times could be one of the main reasons but how good is it watching a film like this! I mean this one was best picture nominated and saw Tommy Lee Jones pick up the best supporting actor Oscar as well.

The story is engaging from the start as we see a murder and then very quickly Kimble being accused, charged and sentenced with it all. Despite the fact that he had returned home as it was happening. Not realising anything from downstairs though. This is something we are shown in more depth as the film goes on in flashback form from Kimble trying to remember all of the details about the man who was in his house. The problem is the police don’t believe him and said they couldn’t find anything about a man. Obviously Kimble attempted to save his wife hence his finger prints being all over her.

Samuel Gerard is actually a very good character as well as the man leading the investigation from Chicago to find Kimble after the crash. He even speaks to him a few times and tells him he doesn’t actually care whether he killed his wife or not. He does have a nice redeeming scene at the end, but I guess at the end of the day he was only trying to do his job.

I feel this film is something so typical of the 90s and that is not a bad thing at all, as I mentioned earlier I truly enjoy this type of film and the fact that Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones are in it certainly makes it one of the best in this genre or category. Both actors might have been typecast at times, but let’s face it they are so good at these types of roles that it doesn’t even matter. Harrison Ford did a lot of similar roles throughout the 90s and let’s face it everyone still loves them now.

Everything just works in this film from the story with many twists and turns, the exciting chase and wondering just who will come out on top. Although it does make me think that with smart phones, social media and the number of cameras in all places around the world now it surely wouldn’t take too long to catch someone who was on the run? But at least we can still experience this in some quality films, this is certainly one of them!

8 thoughts on “The Fugitive (1993) Review

  1. Great review! This is one of those movies I was just too young for when it came out and never saw once I was older. I’ve only heard great things about it though so I’ll definitely get round to it…eventually!

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  2. Love this one! The train-bus crash was like nothing we had seen before. I remember there were gasps in the audience in the theater back in 1993. Jones usually gets singled out for his performance, but supporting roles from Andreas Katsulas and Jeroen Krabbe are also phenomenal.

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