7 Outstanding Endgame Moments!




Now that the ban has lifted on talking about Endgame, this was timed for the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer as it is the first film after and obviously the trailer contains spoilers. I have seen Endgame twice so far at the cinema with a plan to see it again tomorrow and I am possibly looking at it becoming my most watched film at the cinema if I manage to get five viewings in! 


We are reunited with our favourite characters following the end of Infinity War and enter into the world where people have been lost. This shows the psychological strain it places on people and trying to adapt to life after the traumatic event. 

  1. Thor kills Thanos
    How not only brutal was this moment but shocking as well. So early on in the film is not what I was expecting at all. I am pretty sure at the midnight screening every single person in the audience gasped, a confused feeling to where the film would then go next as it really is at the start. It also spirals Thor out of control and we see a totally different side to the God of thunder than we have been used to. 

  2. The new mixed Hulk/Banner
    I cannot help but still smile thinking about this balanced mix. The brains and braun eventually co-existing together, that photo scene with the kids! So many other funny moments came from this as well, with the tacos being one of them. Attempting to be a nice Hulk and not really want to smash things anymore! 

  3. Ant-Man and the quantum realm being key!
    I feel as though even Ant-Man himself Scott Lang doesn’t feel worthy to be with the group, but the fact he survived the snap when everyone thought he was gone and then comes up with the Time Heist.

  4. Black Widow with the ultimate sacrifice
    A truly amazing end to this fantastic character. Especially as we got to see Natalie running everything for the remaining team. The battle with Hawkeye for who would do this was impressive as well, something I will admit that I was not fully expecting. Anyone else feel a little strange about that relationship between the pair? Always felt more than friendship, but then he always mentions his family. 

  5. Pepper Potts getting some action
    Eventually something better for Pepper to do than just checking in on Tony all the time. She dons a suit and is part of a truly kick-ass female moment in battle. This was another lovely little surprise moment in all honesty, especially after the whole your mother never wears anything I give her moment earlier in the film. 

  6. Happy and Morgan discuss cheeseburgers
    Seriously this part broke my heart the most. Just after Tony’s funeral and a total throwback to the first Iron Man film. I just thought this was one of those surreal moments as we share coming to terms with the loss of Iron Man after all this time, something I was more than expecting to happen but it didn’t make it any less sad and devastating. 

  7. Falcon becomes Captain America
    I have always thought Bucky would step up and take over from Steve Rodgers. So the fact that we have a new Cap and it’s not Bucky was a big but nice surprise! Especially after the lovely talk with Steve who managed to go back and have an incredible life and grow old. 


Which moments did you find to be outstanding? 

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