Mirror, Mirror (2012) Review


When the evil Queen takes control of the kingdom when her husband the King has disappeared that does not bode well for Snow White when she is kept hidden away in the palace but then banished to the forest. Meeting with rebellious but kindhearted dwarfs.


This film is Snow White but maybe in a slightly different way to how we are used to, maybe that could be partly the reason why this film therefore doesn’t work out in the best possible way? That is something that crossed my mind when watching it. They tried to be a little bit ahead of the curve with this one and have Snow White as a powerful female character who does not need a man or any help.

Prince Alcott has taken an interest in Snow White but when The Queen decides she wants to get married again he is the target as she places him under a spell. Snow White wants to rise up against her stepmother to reclaim her birthright of ruling the kingdom.

This film has a truly fantastic cast, no doubt about that and you would think as a huge Julia Roberts fan that I would be totally loving this. Evil Queen and a totally different type of role to what we are used to from Roberts. But I just felt the script was very weak and even though it was marketed as a comedy. Along with Roberts we get Lily Collins in the leading role as Snow White, something that she does well enough. Maybe not quite strong enough to be believable to do an uprising. Nathan Lane is always good in a supporting role though isn’t he! Armie Hammer taking on the role of the Prince who well quite frankly needed saving.

I’m pretty sure that this is the first time that I have made it to the end of this film even though I have tried to watch it a few times before. Giving it a couple of extra chances probably wasn’t the best idea in the world as that therefore meant I have seen the early scenes a few times. I just don’t think the film could really decide if it was going to be a comedy, have a little bit of drama or just be something different while keeping elements of the story that we already know. As it only had a couple of slight changes and it didn’t really work out very well.

I guess what I am saying overall is that this film isn’t really worth watching. It honestly pains me to say that about something Julia Roberts is in, so you therefore have to trust if even I can’t come up with something positive to say then it really is a lost cause.

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