Mr. Brooks (2007) Review


Mr. Earl Brooks is a very well-respected businessman and worth a lot of money. He has a big secret though, he is a serial killer and controlled by his alter ego Marshall loving the thrill of murdering people.


I actually went to see this film on its release at the cinema which was pre-blog which I guess is the main reason I haven’t actually reviewed it before. Since seeing it at the cinema I do believe I have watched it a few times over the years, a recent re-watch thanks to Amazon Prime currently having it on the Video section. I find it to be a very interesting film as it is a different way to look at a serial killer. Placing it as a sick addiction that he cannot stop, even though he had been trying.

We are shown Mr. Brooks a very successful businessman at an event with his wife and as they drive home in the car Marshall appears in the back seat talking to him and mentioning something about a dance class. A young couple who attend a dance class, so he manages to watch them and then follows them home and kills them. He forgot to check one major thing though and the curtains were open. A man named Mr. Smith then shows up at his work and had photos of him closing the curtains after shooting the couple. Mr Smith’s demands were not what he was expecting and he wants to be taught how to kill someone. Detective Tracey Atwood has been working on the case of the thumbprint killer for years now and is determined to catch him, she moves closer throughout this case whilst also trying to divorce her cheating husband.

The film therefore takes a slightly different turn as Mr. Smith is now waiting for Mr. Brooks to let him kill someone, plenty of rules though to ensure you don’t get caught. However, while this is going on his daughter suddenly arrives home from College and she announces she has dropped out and that she is pregnant. It doesn’t take very long for the police to show up though after a murder on the campus. This provokes thoughts with Brooks that Jane has the same problem he has and will murder again. He begins to get rather paranoid about that she will kill him to take over his business.

Kevin Costner is very engaging in the leading role of Brooks and accompanied by William Hurt as Marshall. The pair really do work well together considering Hurt is only heard by Costner and acts as his alter ego, do in a very good manner really. Demi Moore as the detective is strong in that role and that was certainly good to watch, even though she doesn’t actually get any on-screen time with Costner. I still stand by that I find this to be a very interesting film and that it is pretty strong from start to finish, in a very different way to anything else about someone who is a serial killer especially when the person appears to be so normal!

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