Hellboy (2019) Review


Hellboy has been caught between worlds for many years now and grown up on earth. So he is stuck between the supernatural and human and must battle to help his “father” Professor Broom and the agents in both the US and UK.


I honestly did try to go into this film with a very open mind, which I guess didn’t last very long with the opening scene containing King Arthur, Merlin and The Blood Queen. Not the usual story you are expecting when it comes to the legend of King Arthur, and a witch being torn apart and put into boxes which were taken by his knights to the furthest parts of the land.

Then we are transported to the current day which obviously meant someone was looking for The Blood Queen and trying to put her together again. Enter Gruagach who I can only describe as a huge pig and could not help but think about a funny character from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Which I guess in 2019 is not the best thing in the world. The majority of the film is therefore set in England and our giant pig who loves to rip humans apart is a scouser which I guess made him even more annoying in terms of the voice.

Hellboy is shown trying to find his partner and is enlisted by his father to head to England to help an exclusive club to hunt giants. Seriously I am not making any of this up in terms of plot/action in the film.

It then reaches a point where the brutal nature of the death and blood is just ridiculous as it was so constant and in the most brutal of natures. The thing is though Hellboy is actually a very good character and I don’t feel we got a very good representation of him in this film, it was all just a little bit weak really. Not forgetting that it was certainly left ready for part two, surely that cannot happen after this mess?

I understand it is based on a graphic novel which means the film would be graphic, but I just felt it was not in the best possible way to help with the story. Although again that seems to get to a ridiculous stage, which made me think “really” and “why” so many times. Sometimes maybe we should actually pay closer attention to low rated films on different websites? I tend to go with the approach of it really cannot be that bad. Well, a slight warning that I found this one even worse than that!

A shame really with a decent cast but throwing in so many supernatural creatures, the army, the CIA/Secret Service was just too messy for it to be quite frankly good to watch. I do enjoy Ian McShane and thought he was pretty strong alongside David Harbour, who tried his very best as Hellboy. This just seems to be a film that no one really asked for and really wanted.

7 thoughts on “Hellboy (2019) Review

  1. The plot was a mess, it was seemingly based on thirty different graphic novels all at once. I liked the characters and the action for the most part but it wasn’t very good.


  2. I’m starting to think that the problems with the producers (it seems that there were many) led to many cuts and as a result the plot is a mess… that’s a shame, I think that Neil Marshall is a great director and always did very well!

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