Game of Thrones (Season 6) Review


Number of Episodes: 10
Running time: Approximately 55mins per episode

As the Starks are attempting to get Winterfell back they must come up against the other noble families of Westeros for the Iron Throne.

Season 6 really does pick up where season 5 left off in terms of the adventure and the stories of the different characters. Each playing their own part in the battle to rule from the Iron Throne.

Jon Snow continues his journey back south of the wall after being brought back from the dead of course and tries his very best to get a bigger army, but the fact that Wildlings are going to be fighting for and with him is not something that other noble families are very impressed with. He is still eventually crowed King of the North, working with Sansa. She shows some fantastic character development showing she is not as weak as everyone may think!

Tyrion is left in a position of power while Daenerys is held captive. Something that allows more brilliant scenes with a character who could well be my favourite overall, I seriously need to decide if that is the case. Something else that I feel season six confirms is that Cersei is one of the worst characters in terms of nature and the horrible things she actually does, along with Ramsay who is awful in every single way possible.

The High Sparrow is to gain more power by influencing King Tommen who really does not have anything it takes to be a King and rule the seven kingdoms. The Tyrell army attempts to free Margaery and Loras but that doesn’t really go to plan at all.

I felt as though we get some fantastic scenes with the White Walkers and learning more about how they were created and why they were created. Even if they seem to have evolved past this point now. Bran is becoming obsessed with being in his visions that he is actually forgetting about those around him in his current life.

As you go through the ten episodes it appears that so many different alliances are starting to come together with the end in sight really, each having something for themselves in mind but surely that is what you want to ensure when you are pledging to support someone who could then take the throne and rule the Kingdoms.

Don’t worry though plenty of brutal death scenes are still involved as normal don’t love a character too much as you never know when the final episode featuring them might just happen. Although I am sure the death in episode nine will really give everyone so much pleasure! I actually enjoyed that one even more the second time round.

Therefore another fantastic season that really builds everything up into such an interesting conclusion that you don’t really want to end. It leaves you really wanting to see what happens next, which I guess is a testament to how well made and engaging this series really is!

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