Game of Thrones (Season 5) Review


Number of Episodes: 10
Running time: Approximately 55mins per episode

This season actually has new content that was not in novel’s written by Martin’s as it was all starting to be made quicker than he was actually managing to write the books.

I felt as though this season felt like many journeys and made me really relate to Lord of the Rings in that sense, as we continue with the characters travelling around Westeros and beyond. As always plenty more death, something I feel started to phase out was the amount of sex scenes. Don’t get me wrong it still has some as well as nudity, but doesn’t seem to be as much as the first few seasons.

The sense of adventure throughout this season really is the best and obviously as always we get some very shocking and disturbing moments. The ‘Shame’ walk quite possibly being one of the most uncomfortable scenes to watch, something that I felt was even worse having to watch all over again.

Jon Snow is trying everything to protect the nights watch but also his love for the wildlings was never going to make things straight forward. Stannis wants to really push forward and grow his army but he doesn’t really seem to be a very popular figure.

Varys and Tyrion create a wonderful friendship after they have left Kings Landing, travelling to Meereen to support Daenery’s but as everything in Game of Thrones it doesn’t go to plan. This then eventually leads to the return of Jorah, which in all honesty really pleases me as I think he is a great character. The scenes with Tyrion and Jorah really are fantastic to watch. Surely Tyrion is easily the best character in the whole series?

Ramsay really does rival Joffrey for the most evil and horrendous character. Actually Ramsay is probably much worse and his actions in this are appalling. Especially after marrying Sansa, that is another very uncomfortable scene that you do not want to watch at all. Not forgetting his jealously of still being regarded as a bastard even though his father gave him the name officially.

The High Sparrow is really going to shake things up around King’s Landing and make the wealthy pay for their sinful actions. This does create the ‘Shame’ scene but I am also happy that Jonathan Pryce has such an amazing role! Shaking everything up for those in and around the throne, standing up for the poor people.

Brandon and Rickon are still battling to survive over the wall and we are left wondering just how far Bran’s powers can take him and the true extent of it all. Brienne eventually finds Sansa who does not want protection to begin with, but she is not going to give up that easy due to her word counting for a lot.

Season five really does push forward and have some amazing moments building up the characters we have now grown to love. Watching this again really has been very special and reminding me just how outstanding this whole series is as a whole!

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