Missing Link (2019) Review


Mr. Link recruits explorer Sir Lionel Frost to help him find his long-lost relatives as in the US he is the only one left of his kind. Not realising that Frost has his own agenda to be accepted by other explorers in England.


Adelina Fortnight becomes part of the group when Frost attempts to get a map from her which her now deceased husband had to lead them to Shangri-La. They travel the world together and Link or Susan would really help to change the outlook for Lionel Frost as he eventually learns there is more to life than being famous.

The film moves at a good pace and I think it has something for all different ages. It has a good level of humour and a lot of charm as well. I am sure Hugh Jackman doing the voice for Frost certainly has something to do with that! The adventure side in the film is very nice to watch as well, sometimes thinking that something you have always wanted turns out to be the complete opposite. But the journey on the way becomes the destination.

Sir Lionel Frost wants to be accepted and sees this opportunity to find the missing link and prove that a legendary creature exists. When it seems as though he is actually going to prove this Lord Piggot-Dunceb wants to stop this happening and hires Stenk to do his dirty work.

Considering the film is animated at times it really is visually stunning, a lot of work was certainly put into the scenery shots and it really did look amazing. Something I was very impressed to see in all honesty, not always what you are expecting to see from animation. So certainly a bonus to add to the already good and nice story at the core.

Adelina Fortnight is a very impressive female character as well, very strong and not put as a secondary character. Certainly on par with Frost which was very pleasing to see develop. I hope this film finds plenty of audiences as it really does deserve to be seen. I was pleasantly surprised from start to finish. Especially considering I have not really seen a massive amount of promotion and marketing for this film, it seems to have just suddenly came out at the cinema and that is it really.

Sometimes I guess it is a good thing when you don’t know a massive amount about a film and that you can therefore enjoy it just that little bit more without the crazy expectations and hoping that it is going to be good. I thought this offered quite a lot in terms of story, character development and ultimately finding your place in the world. Which I guess is rather deep but that was the whole aim of the film for Link to find that place where he belonged making some friends along the way to really test humanity and if having an adventure can really change your outlook on life and belonging somewhere.

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